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Tow Yard Brewing 501 Madison Avenue

I have been looking forward to this place opening for quite a while. It opened a few weeks back; during the sweet 16 Tournament, with very little fan fare. It’s situated in the old Chateau Thomas Winery space, and is huge. Prior to the winery the space was a garage of some sort as there are three large garage doors in the main sitting area that open to an expansive outdoor seating area. I took several pictures but pictures alone don’t do the joint justice.

tow yard 001

tow yard 002tow yard 003

This is The Larder. Tow Yard’s kitchen. They feature a large selection of Smoking Goose meats as well as different cheeses and veggies. So it’s actually a deli as well.

tow yard 004

I found their menu to be quite unique. It was an interesting blend of oven roasting, braising and deli items. They even offer fried gator and grilled Long donuts, stuffed with cheese. A foodies paradise.

Pat opted for the whole Prohibition, a roast beef sandwich 86 onion, 86 mayo. Unfortunately when it came out it was a Bourdain, a more traditional deli sandwich with uncured ham, salami, and capiocolla. Our server naturally apologized,re ordered and brought a go box. So Pat scored a free sandwich.

The incorrect sandwich.

The incorrect sandwich.

The correct sandwich.

The correct sandwich

tow yard 021

Oh I forgot to mention one minor disappointment. They are about 2 to 3 weeks from having their first batch of beer ready to drink. I say minor because they have a great selection of local and micro beers available. Also I think the food is good enough to draw you in even if they only sold soft drinks. Speaking of which. They found a local place that makes craft soda products. Now that is unique.

tow yard 005

tow yard 006

tow yard 007

I decided to order a half Pig Vicious and a half Ty Webb. I had no idea the “halves ” would be so big.

I scanned the menu and am including it at the end. That way people can see the “stuff” in the sandwiches and the pricing.

tow yard 010

This is the Pig Vicious. A damn fine sandwich. Lovely pork, sweet chunks of pickle and a spicy horseradish mustard. I honestly couldn’t tell where the braised pork ended and the uncured ham began. As far as the onion jam goes I couldn’t detect any onion flavor per se but some of the sweetness may not have come from the refrigerator pickles. In time they might find that some of the ingredients are not essential to the taste. But regardless the Pig Vicious is a great tasting sandwich. And the stainless “pots” they but the sandwiches in are a statement in themselves.

My other choice, the Ty Webb was the most compelling. Merquez is a Moroccan sausage made of lamb or beef and seasoned with red peppers and spices indigenous to North African cooking. In this case it is made into “meat balls” and put in the largest pita bread I’ve seen. The slight heat from the sausage was nicely tamed by the yogurt dill sauce. The paneer was most unusual in that it was in cubes and seared on one side. Which, to me brought another dimension to the cheese. And bonus; the halves were so big I got a bunch of food to take home. Three sandwiches, three home runs. To all concerned great job.

Ty Webb sandwich

Ty Webb sandwich

Close up showing a cube of paneer.

Close up showing a cube of paneer.

Great food; great beverage and great service. Thanks to our server Jason. The only downer to this joint is the parking. There isn’t any. The nearest lot charges $10. But just north is street parking. So I don’t think this is a business killer. In general parking downtown leaves a lot to be desired. And as Pat pointed out the Tow Yard is a destination within a destination. I mean the joint is an Andrew Luck throw from Lucas Stadium. And the tailgate lot is a short block away. Also the NCAA basketball tourney has plans on using Indy in the future and those are all held at the stadium as well.

tow yard 018

tow yard 019

tow yard 020
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Ember Urban Eatery (revisit) 435 Virginia Avenue.

Well, this post will not have any pictures. I forgot my camera and my cell phone and Pat has a new phone that he hasn’t figured out yet. It’s a shame too. They have a new,very photogenic draft system online and a center of the bar chalk board that has a very colorful beer menu. Complete with original artwork. Indeed a shame. Oh well it is all about the food after all.

If you may or may nor recall they have their own proprietary meat blend for their burgers. A mixture of chuck, sirloin, brisket and short rib. Similar to Bru Burger;if I recall. That was one of the reasons I was insistent on going back. My first try at a burger was a fail. But before the burger I ordered a cup of SOD. Cream of spinach and cheese. Intriguing. Actually it was pretty tasty. A nice light and creamy, cheesy soup with a touch of celery. The spinach was pretty much along for the ride. And they serve little packs of oyster crackers with their soup. Now who can not like oyster crackers?

Well enough of the foreplay ( in the original sense of the word) on to the main event. The Burger. As soon as I got it I cut it in half. First to facilitate the eating of same,and second to confirm it was indeed mid-rare. As soon as I cut my sandwich in two and exposed its moist and bloody insides to the world the rain stopped. The thunder ceased and the clouds parted. Seriously. Well maybe I exaggerate. But it was an excellent sandwich. Their combo of cow cuts was definitely worth the effort. The basic burger is $9 and comes with the usual cold set and choice of side. Cheese is an additional 50 cents. So their prices are in line with other downtown joints.

Pat ordered Four Cheese Pasta. Cavatappi  with yellow and white cheddar,provolone and parmesan cheeses. It is served with a side salad for $9. When he ordered it our server asked him if he wanted to add some bacon or shrimp to “spice it up a bit”. A little “up sell” is always appreciated. A tip of the hat to our server. Pat opted for shrimp. He got 5 or 6 nice 21 count shrimp. A thoughtful portion, I thought. I think that up charge was $3.

ember eatery


After we ordered, the co-owner arrived and she appears to enjoy chatting nearly as much as I do. We spent quite awhile talking about some of the menu changes coming up. She told me they were adding a smoked pork loin. Smoked pork,thin sliced on a brioche bun. Makes a return trip mandatory. They have already added 2 salad dressings to the menu. Originally all they offered was an orange vinaigrette. Now they offer a bleu cheese dressing and a Dijon vinaigrette as well. While we were there they debuted a prototype humus plate, for the bosses to try out. It was a healthy dish of home-made humus and an oval plate loaded with accoutrement. Pita,celery,carrot,grapes and onion and tomatoes. It was a good-looking plate.

One more bit of “gossip”. Ember’s has a nice and wide front porch,and they are planning on using it. They have all the permits in order to have outdoor seating. That is always a great draw. They are even planning on having live music on select nights. Now that would make it even more special.
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3 in 1 Restaurant 4202 W. 56th Street

Today we traveled to the west side for some El Salvadoran treats. Pat discovered this place more by happen stance than anything else. His wife, Fran, brought him a tamale she had picked up at the City Market from the 3 in 1 Restaurant,it had a stand at the Farmer’s Winter Market. Sweet corn, pig and no onions. Love at first bite for Pat.

We don’t go to the west side that often so I was curious to see what sights I have been missing. Besides. I am a freak for tamales. Also I was quite curious about the name. At each table was a laminated sheet explaining the origin of their name. I thought it was a touching story so I am posting a copy.

3 in 1 012

I wish to apologize in advance for my pictures. Normally I make up for my lack of photographic skill by taking multiple shots, and picking the best to publish. However my batteries were dying so I couldn’t.

3 in 1 001

As you can see the prices are more than reasonable. They also have a special on Pupusas, 2 for $5. A pupusa is a thick corn cake stuffed with various tasty things. Chicken or pork and cheese or loroco and cheese. Loroco is an edible flower. An item I have heard of but never tried. Both pupusa and loroco are common in El Salvador. And the closest I have been to El Salvador is Costa Rica .

We ordered Deep Fried Corn Balls and a Riqua to share. A riqua is like a unstuffed pupusa.

3 in 1 005

These bad boys were delicious. Look like hush puppies don’t they? That’s what they taste like, but sweeter due to the corn used. At the owner’s suggestion I added powdered sugar to one and it was so reminiscent of a State Fair elephant ear my mouth thought it was August.  And if you added the house made tomatillo sauce the whole flavor profile changed. Instead of enhancing the sweet corn it complemented it with a note of sour and a touch of heat. I thought the tomatillo sauce was outstanding. Definitely one of the best I have had. Including my own.

3 in 1 006

This is one-fourth of a riqua. We did it again. Eating before snapping. It too was tasty. Like a Johnny cake with extra sweetness.

Pat ordered a pork tamale and a chicken and cheese pupusa. Since I ordered a locoro pupusa we shared.

3 in 1 007

3 in 1 013

As you can see their presentation is very utilitarian. In addition to the loroco pupusa, I got a plain tamale and a steak taco. They don’t add the garden to their tacos. For that they have a small cold table for the customer to add their own.3 in 1 009

The tamale was softer and sweeter than I am used to but it was good none the less. In the future I will go with pork. I know it wouldn’t be “authentic” but I think a little bacon with the pork would be a nice little addition. The loroco had a nice flavor but I am unable to describe it. The end taste was familiar  but I can’t quite put my tongue on what it is. I know that’s not much help but that’s the best I can do.The steak on my taco was tender, moist and abundant. I think the one factor that made this taco outstanding was the choices in the condiment table.

3 in 1 003

3 in 1 004

In addition to the usual taco toppings they offered green olives, banana peppers, cojita cheese and a crazy slaw. Just shredded cabbage, carrot and lemon juice. Simple and delicious. And the addition of green olives to a taco is brilliant. I can not believe I have not tried it before now.

So if you like good eats with a Latin flair then you should get to 3 in 1 Restaurant. The family that owns the joint is earnest and committed to good food. Also I noticed on a sign as we were leaving you can get the Fried Corn Balls with bacon and cheese for about a buck more. Fried corn, bacon AND cheese. The 3 main food groups.

3 in 1 Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Ode to the Hush Puppy

I think that I shall never see

a treat as tasty as the Hush Puppy.

Its shape is compact and really quite spherical.

It’s flavor is sweet and truly most lyrical.

Its reputation has been tarnished and maligned for years,

but the taste of one can bring a grown man to tears.

For all you folks who like a plate of fried fish

you can’t help but grin when puppies are added to the dish.

Be it catfish or cod. Crappie or gill

You must admit hush Puppies just add to the thrill.

So whether you eat in a restaurant or pub

If they don’t give you hush Pups your fish is just grub.

Hush Puppies 1

The Willard Restaurant – 99 N. Main St. Franklin Indiana


willard 434

willard 435

Thursday was the first day of spring. Of course the silly Indiana weather wasn’t co-operating, there was still a little arctic in the wind. However the sun was out and the sky was blue so we decided on a road trip. Franklin is a small town south of Indianapolis. I have been through there a few times but never really looked around too much. So I was in for surprise. It is really a lovely town, full of old houses and friendly people. A down right charming place of Victorian architecture and mom & pop businesses. It’s also home to Franklin College. Maybe I’ve seen too many Andy Griffin episodes,but I think I could really enjoy living here.

Well back to Willard’s. This joint has quite the history. It was a hotel at one time. I am including a link to their website so you can peruse the history as well as the menu. Pat and Fran went there a few weeks ago and Pat was impressed with their fish sandwich. He was also seduced by the pizza that he observed going by his table. That’s why we went. Pat for the pizza and me for the fish.

As an appetizer we ordered a basket of breaded and fried pepper jack cheese cubes with Ranch dressing. They were really pretty tasty. Melted spicy cheese with a light breaded coating. What’s not to like. Of course we ate about 2/3 of the basket before we remembered to take a picture. It was indeed a healthy portion for $3.95.

willard 441

Like a lot of taverns they offer quite a bit of fried food. I had my mouth set on an oyster platter. But our server told me they didn’t bread the oysters in house . So I opted for the fish and fries. Two 4 oz. cod loins, fries and hush puppies for $6.95. The fish was very good. Since they used cod loin, by nature a dense and rather thick hunk of flesh the batter was necessarily thicker than that which you would find on a fillet. So the result was a tasty and tender fish and a coating that stayed crunchy, even though my fish cooled because we were busy conversing with a local couple next to us.  She used to work in Indy and he is a Franklin Firefighter. Small town friendly. Back to the food. The hush puppies were great. Standard IQF fare but it has been a while for me. They served 2 (two) pups. Why not three (3)? I’ve only found 2 places that offer hush puppies and they both give up two. They probably cost six or seven cents so I don’t get the rationing.

willard 442

willard 443

Pat got his pizza, but sometimes anticipation is the best part of a meal.

willard pie

willard 445

If you read Urbanspoon you will see that the only negative feedback for this joint is slow service. The afternoon we went their business was rather robust and I can see trying to get in and out quickly could be problematic. I think any flaw in service is a result of the layout of the place. The dining area is a bunch of small rooms around a central bar. The bar itself is somewhat of a bottle neck. The primary access way is only wide enough for one person to walk down when patrons are sitting at the bar. That in itself can be an issue while you’re trying to wait tables. Personally I don’t see that as a deal breaker. I think Willard is definitely worth the trip. You can even reserve one of the rooms for a kids pizza party. One was going on when we got there. So that’s something to keep in mind.

willard 446

willard 450

willard 448

willard 447Willard Restaurant on Urbanspoon

willard 438

willard 437


When’s the Best Time to Eat?


This is not at all like a post that would normally be shown here. I was indisposed for a few days so we were unable to hit the streets for our usual lunch. I have been thinking about writing a post like this for a while but never thought it would be too interesting to anyone. But since I am temporarily sidelined for a while; and; since I’m an obsessive, compulsive type I thought I might as well indulge myself.

What I’ve been thinking about is the changing face of restaurant cooking during my “adulthood”. In the 1960′s &70′s “Nouvelle Cuisine” hit the U.S. New cooking. A lighter, healthier alternative to ” Haute Cuisine”. Cooks started using terms like “cuisine minceur” (a version of nouvelle); au sec and spray releases like “Pam” were being used for “frying”. Saucers were lighter, portions were smaller and presentation almost became an end in itself. These changed the fundamentals of the business. Don’t let the French terms throw you. I think schools and some cooks like using these terms to sound sophisticated. That’s probably why I use them.

In the ensuing years different “hooks” appeared. The resurgence of flambe, fusion cooking and the raw food diet. But the most basic aspect of preparing food for consumption has not changed since the advent of fire. When you go past the initial stage -”find food, add heat” you discover that; in this part of the world the main influence is European; primarily French. Culinary Schools stress “classical cooking”. That is to say French cooking. I’ll save my thoughts on that for another time.

Since I stopped working and started eating out I noticed that joints are going more country, and, shall I say more ethnic. Not just hipster joints but some taverns enjoy adding flat breads and a more Asian palate of spices and seasonings. And the sauces have a spin with soy and ponzu type sauces. All of which add a great punch to the food. As for the country tour. I am not too sure. A lot of joints love to use pork belly and kale. Now I have no problem with either,but I wonder if the folks that use them really get it. Pork belly is a beautiful part of the pig, Skin,fat,meat and more fat. Slowly cooked;in a moist environment the yield is a delicious taste of meat with an unctuous deliciousness. Of course it’s great for making bacon.  As for the skin; cut it in strips, fry and dust with garlic and Louisiana hot sauce. Now that is fusion. Whether you call it crackling’ or chiccaron it is definitely good food. Hardly heart healthy but tasty none the less.

Well I do ramble. Kale. I love kale. I love all greens. However I don’t get raw kale, or slightly cooked kale. To me greens should be cooked down. Concentrate the nutrients into the pot liquor. Make sure you have some corn bread for sopping. Now if you can get some young baby greens they are great raw. Especially mustard greens. Simply dressed with oil, and vinegar or citrus juice the result is remarkable.

Well my ramblings are through. We’ll be back on the streets next week. Great times ahead. Spring is coming and some new joints are due to open up, so enjoy yourselves.

The Friendly Tavern Zionsville

Winter decided to ease up on us a bit and let the temperature soar to 40 degrees. So in celebration we decided to head north to Boone County , specifically Zionsville. A small town known for high property values, smart little shops and The Friendly Tavern. Now who can resist a joint with Friendly in its name?

This place has been around for more than 35 years. We know this because our bartender has worked there for 35 years. Now that is staying power for both the place and the person. She has gone through 4 owners during that time. I dare say people would think they came into the wrong place were she not there.

The menu features typical tavern fare, is reasonably priced and Pat approved.


Friendly Tavern 006

Friendly Tavern 009

Friendly Tavern

Friendly Tavern 007

Friendly Tavern 010

I noticed that their chili had won an award in the past. So, since the past is where most old dudes are comfortable, it seemed as though I should give it a try.

Friendly Tavern 008

I am glad I did. It was one of the best mid west style cups of chili I have eaten. It had a respectable amount of spice and a touch of sweet, typical of Hoosier chili. And no pasta.

I decided on a turkey reuben. Not sure why. It just sounded like something I should try. It was pretty good, but not rock your world good. The swirled rye bread was great. The turkey was common deli sliced, and the kraut was typical. And it had no cheese. They tried to “kick it up” with a horseradish mayo on the side; but it could have used a bigger kick of horseradish. I ate it all. It was good, just not great. But I am not sure what I was expecting. I think I was sidetracked by the rib eye steak calling my name. It tempted me. But I resisted. That was too much food for lunch. If I manage to get back, the steak is mine.

Friendly Tavern 013

The joint is not that big so go early. They open at 11:00, we got there at 11:20 and the place was starting to fill. We left at noon and there was a line at the door. It’s no wonder the place is popular. They have good food, more than reasonable prices and the staff is super nice and friendly. I mean how can they not be when Friendly is your name o.
The Friendly Tavern on Urbanspoon

Southport Bar and Grill 5220 E. Southport Road

southport bar & grill 004

Pat has mentioned this place a few times as he sees it quite often while shopping. He and Fran went one evening and thought it was worth a visit for lunch. I trust Pat’s taste and judgement as he can be pretty finicky. However on this I was a bit apprehensive. There are 2 food sites here. Urbanspoon and Yelp. On Yelp people were complimentary of the food not too complimentary on the service. On Urbanspoon only 3 people visited the joint, one liked it and only one wrote a review of it. He didn’t even eat there. He though the place too dirty. Well as soon as I walked in I wondered what joint he was writing about.

southport bar & grill 007

southport bar & grill 008

southport bar & grill 006

The place is huge. They have 3 pool tables and a section for bands. They offer live music on weekends; so I can see prompt service possibly being a problem when they are rockin’. As far as the “dirty” problem I saw a joint that looked pretty clean.

We were the first customers of the day so we had the joint to ourselves for a while. The bartender was quite able. Efficient and friendly.  Between serving us, other customers and doing a few bartender jobs I don’t think he stopped for a minute.

When Pat was there last week he and Fran shared an appetizer; Sausage Pie. It’s Italian sausage, salami cubes and cheese with a bread crust, top and bottom. Like a deep dish pizza with a top. The resultant pieces are approximately three inches square and 2 inches thick. They come with sauce on the side and you can get 4 pieces for $4.95 or 8 for $8.95. Pat insisted on the larger order. He intended to “pig out on the pie and get a side salad for his entrée.

southport bar & grill 009

Yeah; we started eating before we took the shot. Just visualize 4 more pieces in the empty spaces.

southport bar & grill 017

southport bar & grill 011

They call this a side salad. $2.95. It’s sort a’ big. I got one just like it with my entrée. But; before I go there let us review the Sausage Pie. It was very good. Lovely taste and texture. A nice fennel flavor from the Italian sausage, melding nicely with the cheese,and a hunk of salami, every now and then. As I understand ,it is someone’s Grandma’s recipe. Very good job.

On the menu featured on their website the offer house made lasagna. And they offer it as a half, for $6.95 or a whole for $12.95. Well I wanted a half portion; but they don’t do that any more. So I ordered a full size. I only ate 2 pieces of my pie, half my salad and I was staring at a rather large piece of pasta, meat, cheese and red sauce. With some help from Pat I was only able to eat maybe one-third of the portion. But what I ate was quite good. The ricotta had a nice herb seasoning that fit the sausage and sauce quite well. This dish was superior to several that I have had at authentic Italian restaurants. My only question when I saw the dish was why so much marinara? It was pretty tasty, but most joints like to show off the browned cheese top. Well, when I got home with the left overs I learned why.

southport bar & grill 014

After I got home my better half ate the left overs. And she discovered that approximately half of the lasagna was burned on the top. The half farthest away from me. It wasn’t burned so badly as to render it inedible; but it was pretty dark. In either event it should not have been served. I have theories as to how it could have happened; but they are all moot. The kitchen guy screwed up. Our’s was his first ticket. It wasn’t like he was being slammed and in the weeds. It was his first ticket. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think this makes him a rotten cook or this a rotten joint. He just screwed up. His sausage pie was very good as was the first half of the lasagna. He just should not have sold that ticket. But will that stop me from going back. NO. They offer prime rib on Friday and Saturday nights. And they have ribeye on the menu. And I have a thing for steak and beer.

southport bar & grill 015

southport bar & grill 016Southport Bar and Grill on Urbanspoon


Stacked Pickle- Zionsville

The first time I saw a Stacked Pickle I made the assumption that it was a corporate joint. The facade looked slick and polished, and the media hadn’t made a big deal about its opening. I guess the fanfare is reserved for the hip, boutique type places. There are currently 6 locations in the Indianapolis area. All owned by one guy, with one “silent partner”. They offer local draft beers and a pretty typical tavern menu. What will separate them from other joints will be execution, customer loyalty and a hook.

My first visit was to the IUPUI location on Indiana Avenue. We stopped for a beer last week and really enjoyed it. The staff was very friendly and really made you feel welcome. They have the obligatory big TVs, but the space is large enough that interaction with them is voluntary. I had some business to take care of up north so we decided to try the Zionsville location for lunch.

The space is as roomy as the one at IUPUI and the staff too, was above and beyond the call of civility.

stacked pickle 004

When I first saw their menu, last week I would have bet Pat would have ordered Fish and Chips. He is as crazy about Fish and Chips as Old Man Parker was about turkey.

stacked pickle 005

stacked pickle 010

As we were finishing our lunch the manager strolled by and asked how everything was. Pat took this as an opportunity to embellish upon his trials and tribulations with onion. Pat has a great disapproving old man face. The young fella’ looked genuinely worried. I am sure he saw his career passing before his eyes; with images of ambulances and wrongful death suits. Fortunately Pat got distracted by the guy sitting next to him,who was from Chicago. Pat lived in Chicago several years after IU and he enjoys talking with Chi town home boys.

I wanted to try their Penne Bolognese. The pasta was cooked al dente’; which doesn’t happen too often in taverns. The overall effect was pretty tasty. However I could never call it Bolognese. Not just because it had shrimp in it. It was more a tomato and cream sauce. I think they might consider renaming the dish or making a true Bolognese. The dish does have potential. Maybe a little shredded Asiago cheese?

stacked pickle 009

Well this is our take on the Pickle. Good food and great drink specials. And no matter where you live you should find one nearby. One last thing about Patty, our bartender/server. When Pat asked for a cup of hot tea she made him a cup of green tea, out of her own personal stash. Now that’s hospitality. So thanks everyone.Stacked Pickle on Urbanspoon


American, Burgers, Pub Food 4335 West 106th St, Ste 1300

PHO 54 7280 N. Michigan Road

I just had one of the best lunches I have had in a long time, pho sure. Admittedly my knowledge of Asian cooking is limited. I have had Vietnamese food a few times. So today was a wonderful treat.

We started off with 2 appetizers. Spring rolls with fish sauce and Goi rolls with a special plum sauce. The spring rolls were typical deep-fried won ton wrapped pork and veggie rolls. The atypical part was the fish sauce. It had a slight sweet and sour effect. More like a gastric than your typical “duck sauce”. It also had shredded daikon and carrot that added a slight textural difference that meshed well with the savory sweet sauce and the fried pork and carrot. And this wonderful little plate was $2.49.

As for the goi rolls. My o my. Large rolls of,shrimp, pork, veggies and rice noodles in rice paper. They were as tasty as they were pretty. The sauce they served with it was a plum sauce with roasted peanuts. Plum sauce is slightly sweet with the viscosity akin to apple butter. It has a small savory component but when you add the peanuts it blows up. The texture of the nuts, the almost smokiness of the roasting;very impressive. And you too can experience the delight for only $ 3.20

pho 54 020

pho 54 021

For my main dish I had to try the Rare Beef Pho. Tender slices of beef and rice noodles in a beef broth. That might sound tame enough but the hook is the accompanying plate of condiments. Fresh Thai basil, lime, cilantro and a few slices of fresh chile. The idea is to add the veggies to your bowl to infuse it with the flavors. The aroma is amazing. The taste is beyond that. The bowl was full of meat and noodles and I ordered the small, for $7.95.

pho 54 023

pho 54 024

pho 54 025

Pat order pho as well. Chicken pho.pho 54 001

pho 54 022

So… pho a really great and economical lunch you gotta’ go to Pho 54. I scanned the menu and I was going to make a pdf. But I decided to include a link to their website instead. I am going to put the menu on Urbanspoon. So everybody can see what they offer.Pho 54 on Urbanspoon


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