eating indie in indy

In the beginning….

About two years ago a pal and I started going out to lunch every Thursday. We only had one rule. It had to be a Ma&Pa type joint. We have probably hit 200 places, maybe more. Our particular weakness is BBQ and greens but we don’t say no to any plate of food, that’s tasty and well-made. I’ve wanted to write about our culinary experiences for quite some time. I just never got around to it until now. So every week we’re going to share our lunch with you, so to speak. We’re also going to rate a joint from the past. Who knows you might discover a place you haven’t heard of. I know you’re probably thinking why should anyone care what two old farts think. Well maybe because we are two old farts. We have a lot of spare time to search for places; and we aren’t short of time or experience. Another thing, we always end our lunch with a couple of beers, sometimes where we ate, sometimes a dark little bar we find along the way. So check us out.  You might find that hole in the wall you’ve been looking for.

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