eating indie in indy

Upland brewery-Bloomington

frankensteinThis past thursday we decided to head south, cruise through the old Alma Mater, and eat at Upland. The place is good-sized and appeared to be well staffed but service seemed a wee bit rough. I don’t know but if I had to guess I’d say not all the servers were “team players”. As for the food it was nicely done. I had Pastrami; well smoked, properly seasoned, second in my estimation to Shapiro’s only. The “horsey” sauce was so-so but the dill pickled beet slices were a real nice addition to the smoky beef. My pal chose Fish & Chips; now he is a freak for cod, what you might call a fried fish freak. He gave it a second place-first going to Claddagh’s in Indy. Our third companion ate pulled pork and totally enjoyed it; just enough sauce to add a savory sweet element to the smoky pig. The only negative thing I can say about the meal was my potato salad. It was really bland; all soft texture and sour cream. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being stale pop corn we give 3.5.  Now the beer. Guess what it tastes as good in Bloomington as it does in Indy. The Rad Ale with its hoppy bitterness matched well with the smoked beef and dill beets. Where as a crisp Pilsner was a better pairing for a deep-fried fish or a smoky sweet pork. A really good lunch.                          Upland Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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