eating indie in indy

Rock-cola 50’s cafe

This place is cool.It does a pretty good job imitating an Eisenhower hang out;but the food is any thing but antique.The burgers are 10 ounces of hand formed beef; for all you remedial mathematicians that’s more than a 1/2 pound.They are cooked on a flat top, the server doesn’t ask for a temperature;there’s just one temp.,done.And they’re only 4 bucks.The fries are hand cut and double fried;like they should be.The sausage hoagie is beautiful,8 oz’s of smoked sausage sizzled on the afore-mentioned flattop ’till crisp then tucked in a hoagie roll.And they have Malts,real malts;the kind that give you a little malt powder burns,in the back of your throat when you drain your glass.And they reincarnated Choc-O-La.For you youngsters that was a popular beverage back in the 50’s&60’s.A chocolate drink in a bottle;like Coke or Pepsi.For some reason it ended production way back when;but the folks at Rock-cola brought it back.God bless ’em.The only thing they do some people might find objectionable is they provide BIG portions.I know that’s not PC but shoot that’s what doggie bags are for.Besides if all restaurants in this country gave up portions the size the government says we should have joints would be folding at a faster rate then they are already.Well anyway we like this place and people ought to give it a try.It’s located on Brookville road;far east close to the Harvester plant.Check ’em out.Rock-Cola 50's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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