eating indie in indy

El Sol de Tala

01 – Little Bit Is Better Than Nada (LP Version)El Sol de Tala;I think it means “sun logging”;but I prefer to think of it as “sun harvesting”.Especially when you walk in; it reminds you of a village square in Mexico.It’s bright and colorful,with a fountain in the center of the dining room.All the tiles at the tables are handmade in Tala Mexico the owner’s home town,and all this ambiance prepares you for an authentic meal.And that it is.The corn tortillas for the tacos are soft and double stacked and in addition to the usual fillings you can get beef tongue,and you have a choice of black;or the more common pinto beans.The tomatillo-jalapeno salsa is a nice addition to the usual toppings;as is the spring mix in-house dressing.Oh and the pickled red onions are terrific with about any dish.In some places these are called “drunken onions”; just sayin’.The menu is as diverse as the country.In the USA not everyone eats the same.Folks in Key West don’t eat like people in Evansville;neither eat the same things as those in Spokane.Mexico is the same.El Sol offers ground meat burros similar to what you’d find in border towns.From mole in Oaxaca (Pacific coast) to the delicious Vera Cruz style whole fish (Gulf coast) to handmade tamales, as ubiquitous as our hamburger El Sol offers you a tour of Mexico and you don’t even have to leave Indy;and you can have a Margarita or cerveza along the way.So if you’re in the mood for “south of the border flair” give El Sol de Tala a try; as they say it’s all good.El Sol Restaurante on Urbanspoon

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