eating indie in indy

It’s a Living…Room.

The Living Room Lounge on Penn.;just north of the Central Library is definitely worth a trip.It’s roomy,pleasantly dark,pleasantly shabby and as comfortable as a favorite sweater.It has pool tables;if that’s your thing.And it has $2 pitchers of Coors Light on Mondays;if that’s your thing; ( I know it’s Silver Bullet,but it’s cheaper than bottled water).They also have a decent supply of imports;and micro brews on draft; and on Wed.all drinks are half price.Their menu is pretty typical; special priced apps. in the afternoon;and supper specials.You know the kind; big steaks,baked tater,salad all for about 10 bucks.But for all that goodness I think my favorite is the burger.Now in my view all burgers are good just that some are better than others ( like some other things ).Some are char grilled which is fine,slightly smoky, slightly “burned”.Some are 1/2 pounders or more cooked on a hot flat top,crisp on the outside but still moist inside.Others, usually the 1/3 pound deals are smashed on a hot griddle until crispy all over and edged with “hamburger lace”,and if done correctly still moist inside.The Lounge burgers are the latter.They serve them as singles,doubles or triples all come with fries and a solo of cole- slaw ;which makes a nice topping on a pepper jack cheese burger.The single is around $7 as this is the size I usually get I don’t remember the other prices.So when that lecture at the library is over schlep down to the Lounge for a burger and a beer make it a Wed. and save some money.Living Room Lounge on Urbanspoon

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