eating indie in indy


Off the corner of 3oth and MLK there is a mini strip mall on the west side of the street,with a little nondescript space on the north end.To look at it you wouldn’t guess that it houses a little taqueria that serves some of the best Mexican food around.As soon as you sit down you get a bowl of chips and  2 salsas a hot green and a milder red.Both are excellent;but Pat thought the chips were a little on the salty side.The tamales are handmade and huge.They make pork in green chile and chicken in the red chile.I opted for the pork,which was probably a mistake since I’m no longer in proper Chile eating form;but as the song says (…hurt so good…)I did discover that by adding some red salsa they mellowed out.You won’t find any ground meat here;all the meat is pulled.The tacos come open face with doubled tortillas smothered with meat,topped with cheese and covered with micro shredded lettuce, fresh cilantro,just enough sour cream to add a little tart,and the smallest diced tomato I think I’ve ever seen on a taco.The meat options are steak,pork and chicken;and; it isn’t on the menu but if you ask you can get lingua.And I’m here to tell you that is the best tongue I’ve had in a while;moist and tender.They don’t serve beer but they do offer fruit smoothies.When Pat and I go out for lunch we usually hit a joint just once;you know too many places not much time.But if I feel the place had some issues the time we visited or it’s got something we didn’t have room to try I’ll try to go back solo.When I do I’ll publish an update.I want to try the mole;the menudo and the flan.So if you have a hankering for Mexican food check it out, the food is top notch,the prices are reasonable and it’s centrally located.What else could you ask for?Restaurante Oaxaca on Urbanspoon

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