eating indie in indy


Isn’t that a cool name? I have no idea what it means;Mr Google Translator translates it as…well rathskeller.It sounds so Germanic.When you walk in the first thing you notice is the size of the place; it’s pretty big;and quiet.Not eerie tomb like quiet,but more a dignified library quiet.Yeah if your library has white table cloths.kick a** sausage and an insane beer menu ( 6 pages ). All their meat comes from  Claus’,formerly you know going in that it’s good stuff. They have a burger called the Frikadelle. That my friends is a combo of ground beef,pork and wurst.All I can say is it is good,very good.I mean it has all three food groups beef,pork and sausage.They also have a goodly selection of fish dishes,the obligatory shrimp cocktail,grilled grouper and a grilled Ahi sandwich.Salads got ’em,soup you betcha’,even one with oxtail.All the sides are homemade,even the kraut and redcabbage.Their German style potato salad is probably the best I’ve had.And what kind of German joint would it be without Deli sandwiches,well they have em’.Turkey,Ham and homemade Corned Beef even American style chicken and tuna salad.I think the coolest thing about this joint is their extensive appetizer menu.Hot Wurst platters,cold meat and cheese plates and a whole array of deep-fried treats.So if you dig quality food prepared with skill and you enjoy a  good brew get your gruppe together and head on down to Michigan street and get your German on.The Rathskeller on Urbanspoon

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