eating indie in indy


09 – SpoonfulOn 27th street,a few blocks west of Meridian street sits a white framed house that has been the location of a bbq joint of some sort for over 70 years.That’s even older than Pat and I.The place isn’t very big and real country.Mis-matched tables and chairs,from someone’s dining room;big and comfy.On your right they have a big fire pit;that alone makes it worth the trip.On the day we went the owners were having a real bad day.They were running late;so when we got there,1/2 hour past their starting time,they weren’t quite ready.So naturally not all the food was ready.We both wanted greens;but they wouldn’t be ready for lunch.I wanted meat loaf;but I had to wait.The poor fellow pulled the meatloaf early,realized it wasn’t done when he cut into it;and put it back in the oven.By the time I got to it;it was dry.That was a shame,because it had the potential to be an outstanding loaf.In summation:Pat’s fried chicken and green beans were pretty good.My meat loaf had potential,mac and cheese was good,and cheesy and the cornbread dressing was out standing;just a little too much sage.Of course my better half loved the left over I brought home.The one thing we both agreed on was the hot water cornbread.It was FANTASTIC,no butter required.I was able to take home two “pulled pork”sandwiches.In actuality it was chopped beef.Since I learned both smoke and bbq in Texas I’m all about the cow I’m just not too hip on chopping;I prefer pulled.Their sauce is pretty tasty as well;they make their own.It’s as if Louisiana hot sauce eloped with Memphis bbq sauce and had a kid.A little heat;a little sweet.All in all I think this place is worth a try;and it deserves a 2nd chance from me.So let me know what you think.Pa & Ma's Barbecue on Urbanspoon

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