eating indie in indy

Smoke it if you got it.

A hearty thank you and a tip of my non-existent hat to Doughnut boy for suggesting we try Smokehouse on Shelby. Well fella’ you were right their pig is better than Judges. The smoking isn’t as pronounced as that at Judges but the meat is moist,tender,and abundant. Also the sauce is served on the side,which gives you a chance to taste the naked flesh before you dress it with just the right amount of sauce. Toss it all on a toasted bun; add some Krinkle cut fries and a pickle spear and you are set for a great lunch. As for the brisket the more I ate the more curious it made me. The meat appeared to be from the top piece which has the fat cap. Since the brisket is sort of tough it’s cooked long and slow to give the fat a chance to melt and tenderize the beast. In this case not all the fat melted;nor was it removed. Just a little sloppy on the technique guys. I also had trouble detecting any smoke in the meat. Which made me think it spent more time in an oven than a smoker. It had more a pot roast flavor than I expected ;but I can’t deny it made a tasty sandwich. Heck if it weren’t for my cardiologist beating me I’d eat it everyday;especially for under$ 6 side included. Oh the side,well that’s the only thing I didn’t care for. I chose homemade potato salad,not too tasty,and the taters could have been cooked  a little longer. Next time I’ll go with the baked beans. As for the sauce I don’t think they make their own,which is cool, a decent ready-made is superior to mediocre scratch made. They offer their sauce in two styles sweet or spicy.I opted for the spicy it had just the right amount of zip. So when are you all going to The Square ?  Smokehouse on Shelby on Urbanspoon

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