eating indie in indy


If you are ever in the mood for a quiet lunch in a quiet little joint then by all means get to Marco’s; it’s over on 54th street just west of Keystone.It’s been around for over 20 years,and the food is more than reasonably priced.The dining room has a certain old school charm;a place to take a special honey,not an old college pal.And the money you save could go towards a real hotel room;not some no tell motel.Well enough of the fantasy;back to the food. All the specials come with bread and salad for under 8 bucks.In the case of the grilled orange roughy a side veggie is included.Pat thought it was very tasty; especially when he stuck it in one of the baguettes they serve.Sometimes a fella needs a samich.Their VOD didn’t trip his trigger so he opted for cottage cheese; now what can you say about cottage cheese?As for my chicken parmesan it was pretty good.A good sized rarebit dish filled with pasta tossed in a decent sauce ,topped with a grilled breast ,smothered with mozz and the whole thing was broiled to golden brown crunchy goodness.Usually in this dish the chicken is pan fried ;but I think the grill substitution was a good call;definitely healthier.Now don’t go in expecting a Rocco Despirito experience,expect good food,good value and a comfortable atmosphere.And you won’t be charged Despirito prices or have to put up with Despirito attitude.So treat yourself and that special someone to a nice leisurely lunch or hell just treat yourself.Life is too short to eat “chain gang ” food.Marco's Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

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