eating indie in indy

Gas Light Inn

In the 2200 block of South Meridian is the Gaslight Inn.It’s been around for a lot longer than I have,and appears to be in better shape.It’s your basic tavern with your basic tavern fare and your basic tavern spirits.By spirits I mean the kind that make you howl at the moon and the kind that go bump in the night.Seriously;there’s quite a few reports of supernatural visitations over the years.They even had a cable paranormal ghost hunting type show, film an episode there.I have no idea what the outcome was you’ll have to ask the bartender.As I said before the food is what you would expect from an Indy bar,maybe a little better than most.But what I thought was impressive was the smoked pork they had on special that day.The cook took the butt,covered it with a spice rub and put it on an old smoker out back.Using hardwood smoke he cooked it low & slow until it was fall off the bone tender.After pulling the pork he removed any fat that hadn’t melted;very important step;and served it on a toasted bun with house made fries and sauce on the side.And yes the fries were right on point,just as much as the pig.So you don’t need an Alto Sham or liquid smoke to cook good pork all you need is fire, hard wood,and a little bit of skill.Gaslight Inn on Urbanspoon

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