eating indie in indy

Here comes the Suds….

On the near east side there is a liquor store that is the mack daddy of package stores.It has a good supply of seasonal brews that have out lived their marketing lives so they sell them cheap.They also have a good variety of craft beers and a large assortment of international beers;all at super prices.For the last several weeks they have offered a case of Bitburger Bier,24 half liter cans for $10 less than the best advertised price.Over all they have a great inventory of everything in the way of adult beverages.Oh, maybe I should give up the location.It’s the A-1 liquors on 52nd street; between College and Keystone,you ought to check it out.If you want to get out of the house and grab a beer but want a little different atmosphere go to the Bar 52 at the corner of Sherman Drive and English.They aren’t into craft beer or imports, for that matter, but they have the usual suspects and they have Absinthe;the green fairy grandmother of Yagger.Or the Shikay on 16th &Emerson Ave.They don’t sell food but they do have gratis sausage sandwiches or hot dogs for lunch.If you’re on the westside there’s the Sakitumi Lounge in the Eagledale Plaza.There you might get a glimpse of you and your friends in 30 some years ( kidding ).All of these places are neighborhood joints that all have one thing in common,they are original and unique.Pat and I are unabashed cheer leaders for the mom and pop independents so expand your horizons this can be a big city.In regards to the picture it has nothing to do with the posting.It’s a picture of Padma hostess of Top Chef.I think she is an incredibly beautiful woman.

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