eating indie in indy

Boogie Burger

I used all my will power to resist the urge to make some horrid play on boogie, I love plays on words the cornier the pun the better.A few years back when the Jazz Cooker kitchen closed the old kitchen space went up for lease.Well alot of  people tried their hand but only the folks at Boogie Burger flourished.They flourished so well that when the old Tin Star locale opened up they ignored nay sayers and jumped to the bigger location.And they are still doing well,regardless of the bureaucrats.They offer a single,double and triple;kind of like baseball.They also have a few uncommon combos that go beyond just bacon and cheese.I’m not going to pretend that I’m such a purist or connoisseur that I can tell you whether the meat was fresh or frozen,the cow was Angus or Holstein,or her name was Daisy or Nancy;all I’m saying is that their burgers are good,tasty and fairly priced.Now we come to the fries.They are a decent frozen fry done perfectly and then tossed with fresh chopped garlic and parsley.Absolutely some of the best deep-fried potatoes I have ever had.So Boggie on down to the Boogie wonderland and Boogie Oogie Oogie ’til you just can’t Boogie Burger no more.Boogie Burger on Urbanspoon

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