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Alley Cat Lounge

03 – Wasted Days And Wasted Nights (LP Version)Well today was a first for me,I went to the Alley Cat for the 1st time totally straight.I haven’t been there in years and when I did go there it was by foot ;for breakfast.You see at that time I was working in Broad Ripple and breakfast at the Cat was preceded by working 12 hours and partying for about 10.So you can imagine my condition.Of course we drove this time and I was navagator.As any one can tell you walking perspective is different from driving perspective.So for some inexplicable reason I was steering us to the back door of the old Paco’s.Oops.Well we found it and it was worth the walk.We had burgers;Pat the Calico mushroom burger, me the regular cheese burger.And they were fine ass burgers.Flat top crisp,nice toasted bun and a fresh garden;all for 5 bucks.And they came with a whole bunch of Ruffles;they have ridges you know.Pat thought their burger was on a par with the Living Room Lounge,and you all know how much we like the Lounge.I agree they are both equally good but different from one another.The Lounge hard pressed  the patty on the flat top and it is edged with crunchy hamburger lace.The Cat finesses their burgers on the flat top crisping the top and bottoms only.Both great just ,in different ways.Oh they also coat their patties with a little Worcestershire sauce in order to expedite the carmelization process,I don’t know that it helps to carmelize but it imparts a great flavor.But then I’m a freak for worchestwhatever sauce.They might mention that to newbies,not everyone likes that W sauce.But who am I to say?What they’re doin’ they’re doin’ right and they’ve been doin’ it a long time.So I suggest that the next time you are in “THE RIPPLE”and you want to get off the beaten track head down that alley and hit the Cat;it won’t hit back;too hard.Alley Cat Lounge on Urbanspoon

2 responses

  1. RickySue

    There are people who don’t like Worcestershire Sauce? How can they drink their V-8 juice? Always have the biggest bottle (Lea & Perrins of course cause I’m OCD about my W sauce)in the fridge at all times. To all Worcestershire sauce connoisseurs, it’s like what Clairee said to Truvy in Steel Magnolias, “you were raised right!”( they were talking about not leaving home without a girdle on, but you get the jist)

    September 1, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    • Well buckaroo,I agree.I put the W sauce in alot of stuff,chili,pretty much any sauce with tomatoes.And I also agree L&P is the best;it’s also the original 1836 or something.Did you get my E mail regarding your first post I was a wee bit under the influence at the time.Once again thanks for reading.

      September 1, 2011 at 7:31 pm

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