eating indie in indy

This is a bistro

Normally I avoid any joint with bistro in its name as surely as I would avoid an ex-wife. However I made an exception for the Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille.My son and daughter in law took me there for my birthday a while back ( it’s their favorite,that’s where he proposed ).I didn’t write any thing about it at the time for I felt I needed to do more research.Well I got that chance last night,my son and I went back.Well it’s really a swell place.The patio is draped with curtains giving you a casbah feel and the dining room floor is tiled in such a way as to give you the visual effect of Persian carpet. As for the location it’s right in the heart of the best people watching place in the city.Broad Ripple just north of  the canal ( surprise ) and right next to the Monon.But the food is the reason to make this your dinner destination.You could have dinner or lunch there several times and not even leave the appetizer menu.Baba Ganoush,Falafel,Dolma,…well you get the idea;they have quite a bit of stuff.If you like meat on a stick the kabob is the original.The first time I went that’s what the kids ordered.Big swords filled with chunks of tender beef spaced with veggies.and served hot off the grilled. A carnivore’s delight .I opted for baby egg-plant stuffed with seasoned ground beef and sitting on savory tomato sauce,the aroma of cinnamon reached me before the plate did; that’s a good thing.Tasty dish.Last night we wanted more variety,so we shared some dolma to start;they were pretty good but I think I prefer the meat and rice variety over just rice.Of course I knew that going in and I ordered them any way ;hey I really like stuffed grape leaves.My son’s tilapia was properly cooked,properly seasoned and topped with chopped fresh parsley and tomato.He did offer me ONE bite,so I can testify that it was good.I tried the kibbeh,and much to my surprise it wasn’t what I expected.I have eaten it numberous times but it’s always been kibbeh nayyeh,which is raw minced lamb mixed with onion and herbs and served as a “pate” with pita.Well I learned that the typical kibbeh is minced meat, shaped into croquettes and deep fried.After my initial surprise it was pretty good.However these little “torpedos” might have been over cooked.Now to desert.In a belated attempt to be brief the baklava is very good just be aware that it can be sensitive to humidity etc.Try the knafa it might sound impossible but it might be better than baklava.Gotta’ be brief ;next time.Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille on Urbanspoon

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