eating indie in indy

Broad Ripple Tavern

How many people who might be inclined to read this have never heard of The Broad Ripple Tavern? My guess is ,maybe 3.Come on,it’s right on the main drag in Broad Ripple;has parking;pool tables;beer and food.I would imagine most folks know the BRT as a night spot.Late night crowds,beer,shots, pool, the whole party scene.But have you ever been there for lunch;on a weekday? Well you really ought to give it a try.The smaller crowd affords you a chance to enjoy the airiness of the space.The draft beer selection;though not expansive is well-selected,and reasonably priced.As for the food it’s above average,not spectacular,but better than most.My bison burger could have been pulled off the fire sooner and Pat’s cod was also over fried.But at least it was cod fillet ,hand breaded in house.I got the sense that Gabriel;our cook guy;was more a manager type pinch-hitting as cook.He did say that even though the recipes were his, the guys who do it all time do it better.Cook or not he was a pleasant conversationalist,and you should know, one thing two baby boomers can’t resist is someone to B.S. with.Another thing we can’t resist is a lovely bartender pouring us draft beers.And in this case we got a bonus in my pal Hallie.I used to work with Hallie a few years back, downtown.And much to my surprise little Hallie Berry is opening bar tender /server at the BRT.She is a sweetie;prompt,pleasant,and efficient;usually.She does have a tendency to be a little;shall we say;spacy.Just give her a gentle reminder if she goes away to Hallie’s world.Another thing that we thought was cool,was the music.Pure Prairie League and the Beatles;come on how can that not be a good alternative to Lady Gaga or Usher.At least once in a while.So we’ll be back;good food;good beer and good company what more can you ask for?Broad Ripple Tavern on Urbanspoon

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