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Bud’s Tavern

Our original plan for Thursday was to have lunch at Reuben’s Cue and then grab a couple of beers at Bud’s Tavern. Well much to our surprise we couldn’t find it. We’ve been by it before; always planning on stopping in at some future date. So now that we finally decided to go the joint has vanished. This could be a metaphor for the consequences of delayed plans;postponed dreams etc.;or not. In either event we cruised Lafayette Road twice with no luck.No problem we had a back up plan; Marbel’s Southern Cooking, 2 blocks away. Guess what ,Marbel’s only serves dinner, on weekends. So that left us with Bud’s.In all honesty lunch at Bud’s wasn’t high on my wish list. Don’t get me wrong Ma&Pa bars usually have decent food; some more decent than others. It’s just that the last few weeks it seems as though Pat and I have allowed ourselves to be seduced by the Broad Ripple scene,and this week we had our collective mouths set for cue. No matter; Bud’s grub was very good. I think the execution was the key.The cook was more mature than the average pub cook which says something about experience. I had a patty melt; a common bar treat; but usually the onions are barely sweated, on this sandwich they were truly grilled. The simplest things can make the most common meal delicious. They also have  lunch specials;”reduced portions” for a special price. Pat had a breaded tenderloin and this BT was unique; in that it appeared to be about a 4 oz boneless loin chop;breaded and fried without the benefit of beaten’ or cubein’. Regardless Pat thought it was delicious. Bottom line, lunch for 2 ; 14 bucks. And afterwards you can get a pint of Miller Lite for $1.75. I know the Speedway air isn’t the same rareified air as Downtown or the Ripple but sometimes it’s cleaner and one hell of a lot cheaper. And I’ll match this west side food with any bar food anywhere.Bud's Tavern on Urbanspoon

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