eating indie in indy


Well there won’t be a  post for last week as my cohort left town for a bit;and lunch alone is not that much fun.So I intend to mention some of the places we’ve been to in the past.Don’t expect too much detail because my memory is rotten.However I do remember if I liked it or not.And after all that’s what this blog’s all about.Two guy’s opinion,we have no intention of trashing any joint;much less a mom&pop venture.We view a meal as a pass fail sort of thing you like it or you don’t.If we eat at a place we truly dislike we won’t even mention it.Kind of like your weird uncle,you accept the fact he’s around and some people like him you just don’t want to bring it up.Well enough B.S.If you dig home-made soup go to the Great Divide,on New York.I think their signature is the Loaded Potato Soup;full of all those artery clogging goodies that people crave.It’s delicious and a little fat is good.If you want a dive that allows you to walk without sticking to the floor then check out the Lockerbie Pub on Michigan.In addition to the usual bar food they offer plate lunches.If you get a chance get a turkey Manhattan,get one at lunch and you’re good until breakfast.And they have Sun King on draft.If you get over to Shadeland Ave. check out Tie-Dyed Cafe;they have a great rep and an almost cult like following.Pat and I thought the food was pretty good, nothing out standing;but you should decide for yourself.I mean can a cult like following be wrong? On the west side Mann’s Grill is a must visit.It’s on Washington and Tibbs and it is the epitome of diner food.Homemade food,huge portions and cheap.If you’re an early riser Mann’s serves breakfast and they are legendary.While you’re on the west side schlep up to 30th and Lafayette road to the Saigon Cafe. They have a 6$ lunch special that includes your choice entre (one of maybe 50 )steamed rice ;egg roll or spring roll and soup.When you go try the asparagus crab soup,it is great.While on the south side namely South Meridian stop at Berrengers a really old place with a tremendous back bar.They offer real deal old school ,scratch made tavern food.I’m sure folks that are hip to the real deal know about Berrengers if you’re not hip then I suggest you get hip.If you’re still on the south side try LaMargaritas,I think it’s on south 31,but I’m not sure.OH I just remembered it used to be called Jose Frogs.No matter they offer a very good burrito and I think the best refritoes I’ve had since I left New Mex.And ,surprise, they build a very tasty margarita.So that’s all I can remember for now.We’ll have a more current posting next time,I’m pretty sure.

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