eating indie in indy

Just Judy….Judy….Judy

Who said SoBro had to be expensive? On 54th street ( a street I shall hence forth refer to as SoBro restaurant row ) sits Just Judy’s.And like Alice’s you can get anything you want there.Pizza,burgers,burritos and breakfast any time.And the prices are more than reasonable.For 4 bucks you can get a grilled cheese and all you care to eat house made soup.I opted for their $4.75 sloppy joe and fries special.I may have had better but never  one so reasonably priced.Pat tried the breaded tenderloin and ate the whole thing;I think we’re in a race to become the largest ambulatory resident of Indy.You know the biggest gainer.I didn’t try any of it but I must say that was one of the best looking BTs I’ve seen in a while.These folks even make their own chips and cobblers.I went into lunch without my usual hearty appetite.I would have liked to try some cobbler;you don’t find that too often.But as they say tomorrow’s another day.All and all ( what’s that supposed to mean anyway? )We strongly recommend this place.For variety,freshness, taste and price you can’t go wrong.Just Judy's on Urbanspoon

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