eating indie in indy

How about a little tour.

We didn’t have our usual lunch we decided to tour a few of the places that supply some of the essentials to our dining experience;meat and beer.We first hit Goose the Market. Do not approach unless you have a lot of cash;I mean a lot.They have an excellent selection of cured and smoked Italian style meats,and like any thing you get what you pay for.But if you crave a 21 day dry aged steak this might be the place to go.They offer Strips,Porterhouse and bone in Ribeye from $10 $16 per pound;and naturally they cut them to order.Don’t be intimidated by this joint they offer reasonably priced sandwiches and it’s well worth visiting.We further discovered that the Market is the retail outlet for the Smoking Goose Meatery.The meatery smokes,cures and otherwise preps the meat for a wholesale clientel.Anything left over from their production run they cry-o-vac in one pound increments and sell them to the public.They have a delicious sweet fennel sausage and cured and sliced ham that is so good it would make you slap your mama.It’s located on Dorman,just north of New York;that tidbit we’ll get back to later.But before we went to da Goose we went to Klaus’;formerly Klemms.Klaus is a real deal old school butcher;hell the man has a Master’s Degree in sausage making from Germany.I’m not gonna’ try to describe everything they make;their name says it all.If you’ve been there then you know;if you haven’t then go there.After sausage shopping we decided we were thirsty;so;onward to SunKing.Once again I’m sure anyone who’s had a beer has had SunKing.It’s just the first time I’ve been to their tasting room.It was beer drinkers heaven;FREE BEER;O my my can life get better than this?The only thing I didn’t care for was the excessive yeast aroma;but then I’m quite the wussy when it comes to oxygen deprivation.Now we get to Dorman Street.That is;if you recall the location of Smoking Goose.It is also across the street from Flat 12 Brewery.And this place is sooo cool.Don’t take my word for it;try it.Excellent beer and the folks are sooo nice;and friendly.When you go you you might wonder why there isn’t a hookup with the Mother Ship of Charcuterie;Smoking Goose.Hell I don’t know;I’m retired.

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