eating indie in indy

The Great Western Diner

This place is as independent as you can get;and has only been open for 2 weeks.It’s just east of the fair grounds;and before any of you sissies start whining about “safety”just go there for lunch or breakfast;they serve breakfast all day.And breakfast might me this place’s forte.The descriptions and prices seem similar to Mann’s;and Mann’s offers a primo morning meal.Their burgers sure look like Mann’s;big flat-topped crisp with a slightly greasy toasted bun;and Pat said they tasted as good as they looked.They do have great home fries as a lunch time option.I wanted to try something that would show a different set of skills.I ordered a “home-made pot pie”;unfortunately they “froze up on us”.No comment.I let the owner/cook talk me into the daily special;spaghetti and “veggie meat sauce”.Well the sauce had a lot more issues than just the description.I really think a jar of Prego would be preferable.I have no interest to going into details of what the man did wrong.Would I go back;probably,to try breakfast,or a burger, they are a good deal and I’m a sucker for home style taters.And I did so want to really like this joint;unconditionally.It’s a shame.The Great Western Diner on Urbanspoon

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