eating indie in indy

What were they thinking?

I think this blog has been more than fair to mom & pop joints (that’s what we call independents ).Due to my significant others influence I have been more a glass half full sort of guy;rather than my normal half empty.”Don’t you dare trash an independent restaurant,or bar”.She,like me, knows what a tough gig it is to own your own joint.It is a 24/7 situation.You have to stay focused,stay committed to your goal and don’t get stuck on ego.Just because you are the owner don’t expect a pay-day everyday.Expect that on a really busy weekend your servers will walk with more money than you.Thank them for their hard work and move on to the next day.Every place that we have reviewed has been dealt with honestly.Every place we reviewed had something worth going for;or going back for.We just decided to “accentuate the positive “.I could have put on my “chef’s” hat and played my Culinary Degree;but why?Just to trash an “amateur”? Balderdash!The whole idea behind this blog is to Cheer lead for the independent eaterys.But what I’d like is for you all to meet me half way.Why did you decide to get into this business?Was it an act of passion?Or was it merely the influence of the Food Network.In either event even though your friends and family think you are a marvelous cook;the moment you open your doors to the public it’s not a cookout anymore it’s a business.So do yourself a favor LEARN how to cook.

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