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Thai Spice

We finally made it to Thai Spice, we wanted to go there for quite some time but something always interfered. It is located on S. County Line Rd.right across the street from Greenwood Shopping Center.Thai food is one of my favorite “ethnic ” foods;I just don;t eat it very often,because I’ve become wee bit of a sissy when it comes to spicy.Pat and I both order our dishes medium;which worked out real well.They offer approximately a dozen lunch specials all for $7.98. Each special comes with a cup of lemon grass soup;a veggie egg roll and a won ton wrapped fried banana with simple syrup.

To me egg rolls are all texture; from the fried crunch of the outer wrapper to the veggie crunch of the interior cabbage.They are almost always good and are a perfect appetizer;and this roll was no exception.The surprise was the banana;think plantain in a blanket;a little sweetness is always good at the start of the meal.As for the soup it was sophisticated in its humility and delicious.A simple broth a little savory,a little spicy with bits of tomato and tiny button mushrooms floating in it;if that don’t amuse your bouche;your bouche must be broken.

Now to our main plates.Pat ordered Padd Won Sen,Bean thread noodle with veggies and your choice of protein.Neither one of us had the foggiest idea what bean thread noodles are;and we still don’t;yet.I opted for the more ubiquitous Padd Thai with pork,I really dig rice noodles with sprouts,and they tossed in some dried baby shrimp and ground peanuts for laughs.Pat’s dish was a lot prettier than mine;with all the broccoli;pea pods and baby corn. But the flavor profiles were much the same;spicy and sweet,and the portions were more than generous.But just when you thought no mas you got your second stomach into the act and you were able to finish the plate.I’ve never made a concerted effort to study the intricacies of “oriental ” cooking;I’m no stranger to the basics but I would like to keep the nuances of Thai food mysterious and exotic.And as long as the result is as delicious as Thai Spice I won’t care at all how they do it.



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