eating indie in indy

South Meridian Pub

On South Meridian at Epler Avenue is an old building that has housed different bars at different times.Now it’s newly remodeled and renamed the South Meridian Pub.I should have taken a lot more pictures but I didn’t bring my A game Thursday;and was more preoccupied by good honest bar food and cheap beer.Well we got both.One of their specials was a smothered smoked sausage sandwich with fries;for $6.50.It was a flat-out solid good sandwich.The sausage was nicely crisped and the peppers and onions were  wonderfully carmelized and it was all on a tasty hoagie roll.I know it has been quite a while since I have eaten french fries but these were especially tasty;I know they weren’t any thing special, but they were so good I was surprised my cardiologist didn’t call to yell at me.Pat had his eye on the catfish sandwich;but he’s not keen on the cornmeal breading usually used.But Kellie,our delightful server/bartender asked Steve,the cook what he could do differently.So Steve offered to mix up a batter for Pat’s fish,now I call that above and beyond the call of cookery.It’s served with chips and coleslaw,for $6.95;and Pat truly enjoyed it and appreciated the extra effort the cook went to.

For the beer portion of our experience their menu is not that large.They have the usual suspects of domestic bottles and offer Miller Lite,Bud Light and Fat Tire on draft.On Tuesday they sell Fat Tire drafts for $3;Thursday’s special is $1.75 Domestic bottles and their everyday price for Miller drafts is $1.75.So it is a very reasonable place to eat and drink.

Speaking of reasonable places to eat and drink;there is a bunch of them on South Meridian.From Shapiro’s on south there are several joints to choose from.I am fuzzy on the details but I read something about a cultural food trail;celebrating local food establishments;probably along the Monon.I think someone ought to celebrate the Taverns and Restaurants of South Meridian.Can I get an Amen?

Now for the embarrassing portion of our review;pictures.I only took 3 pics.The pictures of the food weren’t taken until we already started eating;that’s pretty normal;I am working on that problem.I did take a picture of our lovely server (she okayed it) but didn’t want it published;so it’s not.If you want to meet Kellie and Steve and have a solid lunch and some good beer prices you’ll just have just go there.Old Meridian Pub on Urbanspoon

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