eating indie in indy


Pat took off for Montana;with his wife,so,no lunch for us this week.However my 2 sisters and I went to Duos for lunch last week.That was the first time for them(poor girls don’t get out too often).They took the “safe way”;Caesar chicken wrap.Cooked chicken,Romaine,tomatoes and Caesar dressing,all in a Honey Wheat tortilla.Predictable but good.That day 2 sides were offered,greens and oven roasted potatoes.Sisters took one each so I was able to try both.I opted for greens with my entrée.We both thought the greens were good;but they could have used some pig.The potatoes were brown and crisp on the outside and a little mushy on the inside,in other words a potato that will make you smile.As for my entree I had a chicken stuffed Poblano pepper.Two nice sized peppers filled with a slightly southwest seasoned chicken,with a little corn crunch.It was pretty good;a sweet creamy chicken wrapped in a Poblano with just the right level of heat.For the perfect ending I had a Lemon Bar.For all you deprived folks out there,that is a lemon curd in a shortbread crust.Puckery sweet lemon;perfect for summertime.

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