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A Visit to the Grove.

Last week Pat and I decided to try out a new shooting range at Beech Grove Firearms. The range is first-rate. In my opinion the best around. After wards we decided to hit The Grove Sports Bar and Eatery for food and beer. For non-locals Beech Grove is a small non incorporated area southeast of Indy. In that regard it is similar to Wanamaker. However that is where the similarities end. It isn’t that everyone we ran into was unfriendly,the folks at the gun store were quite cordial. Maybe they just felt compelled to be nice to guys that were armed. In either event the bartender was a trifle cool,and the 3 or 4 regulars hanging out were far from cordial. Maybe we have just been spoiled by other joints we’ve been to. Oh well; I doubt if we ever go back. The menu is basic bar food; just a little more basic than most. We both decided on their “lunch special” for $5.50. That would be 2 quarter lb. patties, one slice of bacon and one slice cheddar cheese. Well, it was food. The cold set was fresh and the pickle chips were tasty but that’s about all I can say. All they offer for beer is domestic,at $2.25. Well sometimes you find a real gem in some 014015-001013out-of-the-way joint,other times you find the Grove Sports Bar & Eatery.Grove Sports Bar on Urbanspoon

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