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Hard Rock Cafe

I am not a great fan of Hard Rock; but I thought this was both interesting and entertaining.

My Daily Moo

This year, my birthday dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe in Cuscaden Road. Pakcik said that we had too many buffet recently so no more buffet for the time being. He saw me watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives everyday and always drool over the ribs and burgers that Guy Fieri eats, so he brought me to Hard Rock Cafe.

hard rock cafe


hard rock cafe 1


Frankly speaking, it’s the first time I stepped in a Hard Rock Cafe. Although the café is a bit old, the ambience is pretty good. And I like the chirpy staff who served our table.

Studying through the menu, I was trapped in the decision of whether to get a burger or ribs. When presented with too many choices, SK tends to not make any decision and leave the fate of her dinner to the dining partner.  When Pakcik asked what I wanted to eat, I tried to troll him by saying Seafood Char Kway…

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