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Stacked Pickle- Zionsville

The first time I saw a Stacked Pickle I made the assumption that it was a corporate joint. The facade looked slick and polished, and the media hadn’t made a big deal about its opening. I guess the fanfare is reserved for the hip, boutique type places. There are currently 6 locations in the Indianapolis area. All owned by one guy, with one “silent partner”. They offer local draft beers and a pretty typical tavern menu. What will separate them from other joints will be execution, customer loyalty and a hook.

My first visit was to the IUPUI location on Indiana Avenue. We stopped for a beer last week and really enjoyed it. The staff was very friendly and really made you feel welcome. They have the obligatory big TVs, but the space is large enough that interaction with them is voluntary. I had some business to take care of up north so we decided to try the Zionsville location for lunch.

The space is as roomy as the one at IUPUI and the staff too, was above and beyond the call of civility.

stacked pickle 004

When I first saw their menu, last week I would have bet Pat would have ordered Fish and Chips. He is as crazy about Fish and Chips as Old Man Parker was about turkey.

stacked pickle 005

stacked pickle 010

As we were finishing our lunch the manager strolled by and asked how everything was. Pat took this as an opportunity to embellish upon his trials and tribulations with onion. Pat has a great disapproving old man face. The young fella’ looked genuinely worried. I am sure he saw his career passing before his eyes; with images of ambulances and wrongful death suits. Fortunately Pat got distracted by the guy sitting next to him,who was from Chicago. Pat lived in Chicago several years after IU and he enjoys talking with Chi town home boys.

I wanted to try their Penne Bolognese. The pasta was cooked al dente’; which doesn’t happen too often in taverns. The overall effect was pretty tasty. However I could never call it Bolognese. Not just because it had shrimp in it. It was more a tomato and cream sauce. I think they might consider renaming the dish or making a true Bolognese. The dish does have potential. Maybe a little shredded Asiago cheese?

stacked pickle 009

Well this is our take on the Pickle. Good food and great drink specials. And no matter where you live you should find one nearby. One last thing about Patty, our bartender/server. When Pat asked for a cup of hot tea she made him a cup of green tea, out of her own personal stash. Now that’s hospitality. So thanks everyone.Stacked Pickle on Urbanspoon


American, Burgers, Pub Food 4335 West 106th St, Ste 1300

3 responses

  1. Sounds like Patty went the extra mile. So Pat can’t tolerate onions or even little snippets of chives?

    February 20, 2014 at 8:58 am

  2. Oh yeah. Patty was a super star. That’s right, Pat can’t tolerate onion in any form. His plumbing is all messed up.

    February 20, 2014 at 9:17 am

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