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Sahm’s Restaurant & Pub


Patrick does have issues with reading a menu in its entirety. He told me that if the Clam Chowder had no onion he would order that with a grilled cheese sandwich. If the  soup had onion he would go with the breaded fish sandwich. He assumed that all sans came with chips. So when the server asked his side he was lost. My stare was far from “impatient”. I merely wanted him to go ahead with alacrity; as the joint was full and the server busy. He opted for “curled carrots”. An interesting choice.

Pat didn’t write a review of his lunch except for the carrot curls. He said that would come in the form of a comment, once the post is published.


As you can see the fish looked great. The curls were thin sliced carrots that were quickly deep-fried. Very curious. I found them to be an interesting side dish. I enjoyed my taste but I don’t know that I would enjoy a full side.


As you can see if you peruse their menu they offer a big one. I have been to some of their other sites in the past and Pat and I have hit the place down town. Why that was never written about who knows. So I can say these guys know how a joint should run.

So they offer a lot of great comfort food options I decided on the meatloaf melt. That is a healthy portion of grilled meatloaf with sautéed onions, American and Munster cheeses on white toast, with a brown sugar glaze.


I was curious how much the bells and whistles would detract from the center piece of the sandwich. The onions added to the over all taste. The cheese does what cheese always does. It brings another layer of flavor and is more complement that adversary. Now we come to the glaze. It tasted like catsup and brown sugar. Which to some folks is mandatory on meatloaf. To me;not so much. It did distract from the actual loaf itself. However only in the slightest degree. The size of the portion was such that it was easy to find a few bites with no enhancements. To me the meatloaf had both good flavor and a nice texture and density. If you are a meatloaf junkie this would be a great fix for you. They also offer it as a dinner. As far as the mushrooms go they were fine as a side. Pretty ho-hum. Standard mushrooms,cut in half and tossed in flour and deep-fried. Then presented with a pretty generic horse-radish sauce. Adequate as a side, you could at least taste mushroom.


For dessert we each had a slice of their sour cream coffee cake, for $1.29. They serve the same cake with their salads. It is really nice. Not overly sweet and a great crumb. So we liked this place. Good and attentive service, good food and more than fair pricing. Pat’s cod was $9.49 and my meatloaf was $7.99. And no matter where you are there is probably a Sahm’s close to you.

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  1. Dear Benson and Pat. Get prepared a little better, please and thank you! Now that you know I am a regular I am going to get a little tougher on you two in my comments. Know where you’re going and take a quick look at the menu online beforehand so you know how many sides you have to choose. Benson, you can tell Pat ahead of time. The experience will thus be more pleasureable for both of you so you can order what you want instead of knee-jerk. Now what friend from Syracuse looks out for you guys?

    The meat loaf looked outstanding. Many of us here in Real World Ville would always get mashed and gravy with meat loaf? Was it offered?

    I never, ever heard of curled carrots, and they sure look interesting. I hope Pat’s comments goes into them a bit. Speaking of which, Pat’s opinion needs to be featured more than his handwritten notes if he’s an equal partner in this deal. My opinion. Love your blog, Benson. Please don’t block me.

    December 12, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    • Why should I block you. How prepared do you get when you join a friend for lunch? Do you scour the menu beforehand? I make a cursory look at the menu just to make sure there’s not an over abundance of onion on the menu. I think the only preparation needed is an appetite and money. As far as Pat’s input he writes as much as he wants to.. It wasn’t long ago when he didn’t write a thing. You may or not notice but on the Urbanspoon link a menu is listed. I include that so folks can see what is offered. If that info isn’t available I include;if possible; a scan of the menu.I hope this satisfies you.

      December 12, 2014 at 9:55 pm

      • OK. Never mind.

        December 12, 2014 at 10:00 pm

  2. Sahm’s is new to me, as is curled carrots. Perhaps someone was curling ribbons for Christmas gifts, had too much egg nog, and thought, “Why not? Let’s curl carrots.” It does look plates of comfort food. The carrots look like bacon bits, which would have been fabulous! But salty. Nothing chaps my hide more than folks who are not prepared. I always prep my son and family before ordering: “You know your sides? How you want your meat cooked? Don’t waste the waiter’s time.” Now this was astonishing–sour cream coffee cake, for $1.29. I haven’t tasted such a thing, but I know nothing is less than $2 anywhere except water. Even cookies or pralines are $3. So you lucked out there.

    December 13, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    • The whole side thing took less than a minute, but I just had to bust Pat’s chops. That ‘s what friend’s are for. The carrot did look like bacon. Pat remarked on that also. As for not being prepared Mark had some thoughts on that as well. Sahm’s does have a following for their coffee cake. The family has several separate joints around town and everyone I have been to has really had its act together. I think some of the newbies in this town could take some lessons.

      December 13, 2014 at 9:05 pm

  3. I could get all glazey-eyed and rhapsodic over good meatloaf. It was a true blue standard growing up for me. But I could not really get my kids hooked on it with the same zeal I brought to the table. Their loss–or my bad meat loaf??
    My dad’s favorite next day meat loaf meal was a meatloaf sandwich, but I was never keen. I just wanted the loaf cold, by the slice and straight from my hands. Bread got in the way.
    Hearing about the curled carrots made me all excited for a second, as the one thing I’ve hinted that I’d love as a present – birthday or holiday – is a spiralizer. The piece of equipment I’m looking at is pretty cheap at around forty bucks, but my mind is “a whirl” with ideas as to the vegetable heaven I will create. Pasta will have to take a back seat for a while if I get my wish. Still, the deep fried curls look like something I would have heartily tucked into. Probably a little too heartily.
    Just ate lunch. Now I’m hungry again.

    December 14, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    • I am,I must confess, a meatloaf junkie. Cold meatloaf. Truly a magical thing. I am really trying to control this addiction. I don’t always buy the meatloaf when it’s offered. Or at least I try not to.
      When Pat ordered the curls I at first envisioned cute little cold and raw things. I was surprised that they were fried. Now if they had only been tossed with chopped garlic. Well I hope you get your spiralizer. I can imagine the shapes you could create.

      December 14, 2014 at 3:28 pm

  4. Patrick

    Here’s my report on my cod sandwich: Excellent piece of fish on a wonderful knot roll. Ordered the same thing at the downtown one. This one had enough residual fry oil in it that I was compelled to soak it out with my ample napkin. (Benson suffers the indignity of me playing with my food quite graciously.) The one I had downtown was remarkably fry oil free, requiring no special attention. Regardless, I’d go again for such an excellent piece of fish – to either location.

    December 15, 2014 at 9:43 pm

    • Thank you Pat. An outstanding review, as you promised.

      December 15, 2014 at 10:15 pm

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