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King Rib’s Bar B Q 3145 W. 16th Street

king bbq 003

King Rib’s is an old-time local chain of BBQ joints. They have four restaurants, and according to some folks this is the best. I don’t know about that; but this place is pretty darn good.

king bbq 022

This is their “smoking” area. They have three of these bad boys out back. It has fencing all around so you can’t really get too close. I took these shots from the car, only because it was too cold to get out.

They have a small and sensible menu, featuring smoked meats, a few sides and pie. That is probably one of the reasons for their success and longevity.

king bbq 014

king bbq 001

Pat’s ribs were big, meaty and cost 9 bucks and change. No sides. I decided on their Tuesday special. Rib Tip dinner with two sides for less than $8.00. Their prices are more than reasonable. Especially when you factor in the amount of food you get.

king bbq 009

They offer their sauce three ways. Mild, hot and mixed. I ordered my tips with mixed. I also got mac and cheese and baked beans. I read one review that suggested that their sides were their weak link. Well I am not sure I necessarily agree. The beans were tasty, just not as thick and gooey as I like. As for the mac and cheese it was more than passable. There are better examples out there. Unfortunately more, that aren’t as good. Now as far as the main act goes it was right on point. In addition to being a generous pile of meaty and tender pieces it had an excellent smoky presence. The sauce they prepare is thinner than the more Southern style. But it had enough leg to cling to the meat. All in all I think it was a stellar example of the smoking art.

king bbq 019

One last thing; the pie. They have Chess Pie and Sweet Potato Pie, both made in-house. Both $2.25 per slice; $8 for a whole pie. I had a piece of Chess pie. Wow. It was good. Very good,and very sweet.

So we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. Good food with good prices. Just make sure you save room for pie.


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4 responses

  1. How I love pie! I’m sure I’ve told you I had pie instead of cake at my wedding. Well, pie for me anyway. Barbecue is always so expensive, but you can’t live without it. The prices here just doubled on brisket, ribs, everything. So your prices sound fair. Myself, I’d like to be able to stick my spoon in the beans and the spoon stand straight up. Gooey is good. And it looks filling. I never ordered ribs once in my life until a couple years ago. My husband made me give them another try, and they were good. I’ll take a nice rub over sticky ones. So messy. “It’s good to be king” made me hear Tom Petty’s voice singing it. Did you save the rib bones for a dog??

    February 24, 2015 at 10:57 pm

    • Nope. No dog. I love a dry rub. Sauce is okay but it is not mandatory for me. I don’t think they rubbed their stuff at all. They did do a good job of smoking though. I would eat it again, no side. Yep I remember how much you like pie. Me too. Oh yeah beans that you can use for mortar. That’s the ticket. I hadn’t thought of Tom Petty. Pat was referring to Mel Brooks when he played King Louis. Beef has gotten higher than the ears on a giraffe. Such a shame.

      February 25, 2015 at 12:07 am

      • Yes, higher than the ears on a giraffe! I can hear Mel Brooks’s voice saying it, too, although it is a bit more jarring.

        February 25, 2015 at 12:36 pm

  2. Your blue plate special makes me long for summer, which for some wonky reason, is the only time I head to the BBQ palaces around here. I may have to rethink this error in seasonal logic. Perhaps it’s because in the winter months I switch over to braised short ribs?
    The pictures do make for a convincing visual argument. Everything looks quite bold and beautiful. My favorite smoke house serves their ribs up dry and gives you a choice of three sauces – vinegar, tomato and mustard based. I have to go with all three. They’re all that delicious.
    Glad the pie was worthy too. I am definitely not a pie person, but I will make an exception for Thanksgiving when I “force” myself to sample as many as possible. Then I’m set for the rest of the year. Again with the debateable seasonal logic.
    Yummy post, Benson.

    March 1, 2015 at 12:32 pm

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