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Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort Restaurant 5539 E. Washington St.

Anyone familiar with the Indy food truck scene is aware of Chef Dan. They have served their food out of a little yellow truck since 2011. Their decision to go the brick and mortar route is a big move for them and Indy. Now everyone knows exactly where to go to get their Delta food itch scratched.

chef dan 002

As you can see the menu covers the Mississippi and Louisiana food culture pretty well. You order at a counter and the food is brought to you when it is done. We ordered an appetizer and dessert when we ordered our main meals. We wanted to try as much as we could. Without going crazy. We started with Boudin balls.

chef dan 010

Without getting into the weeds on explanation Boudin is a blood sausage with rice. A piece is removed from the casing, breaded and deep-fried. These were pretty good. As expected it had a nice smooth texture with that welcome coppery flavor you find in cooked blood or organ dishes. They were served with a mayo based dipping sauce. The sauce was so-so and I found it too thick to actually dip the sausage in. But actually I think the balls can stand on their own without the need for a sauce.

chef dan 020

chef dan 018 chef dan 001

I took a of Pat’s chicken breast and I agree it was indeed exceptional. I opted for a catfish dinner so I could get 2 sides.chef dan 026The presentation of the fish is very down home. By cutting the fish and bread in half I was able to have 2 sandwiches. Which is a pretty good deal. The fish was nicely breaded and nicely fried. Nothing to make it unique but it was tasty . I ordered greens and beans and rice as my sides. As Pat said the greens were indeed spot on. They use smoked turkey when they cook down the greens so I guess it could pass for a healthy dish. The red beans were nicely done as well they didn’t have much rice in them though and no sausage. The last part enables them to say that they are vegan.

chef dan 024

As for our dessert, beignets they were pretty good. Although I thought they were more dense than I have had before.

chef dan 028

So there you have it. Chef Dan’s and his Southern comfort food. A nice little joint that is well worth a visit. I plan on going back to try something from the Louisiana side of the menu. And some pie, and or pudding.



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4 responses

  1. I don’t know why I kept thinking of Lieutenant Dan, instead of Chef Dan, but he probably ate greens, too. Did you use some of that boudin ball mayo for your catfish sandwiches? That would have jazzed it up and made it not so dry. I’ve heard of boudin balls but never had one before. All that fried stuff sho nuff looks tastey!

    March 6, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    • I just added some hot sauce to the fish. Didn’t think to use the mayo stuff. Yeah I guess we did have quite the fried lunch. Fried food is definitely Southern. And regardless of the questionable health aspects it sho nuff is tastey.

      March 6, 2015 at 4:10 pm

  2. Speaking of boudin balls makes me hunger for boudin blanc–some of the best sausage I’ve ever tasted.
    And the whole southern food truck concept is something I would hunt down through town–traffic, congestion, or bad weather. The menu sounds drool-worthy.
    The only sad thing for me is that I’ve yet to meet a beignet that I like. They look so beautiful, so promising, but I’m continually disappointed with the taste. I think I need me a trip further south. I should just decide to make a whole adventure out of it. On the hunt for the best beignet.
    Glad you found another winner, Benson. Cheers!

    March 8, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    • The Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans is where I had my first. Can’t say they are the best I have had, but they do have the rep. I loved the whole Delta scene. Of course the Quarter is made for the young and frisky.

      March 8, 2015 at 1:21 pm

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