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Hops and Fire 1259 In 135 Greenwood In.


Note that this is a Craft Tap House, as opposed to a Craft Brew House. They sell the Craft beer they don’t brew it. And according to the signage they offer 40 different brews. That is the current “thing” with taverns. Hell Yard House and Hop Cat each have over 100 on tap. It can make a fellow dizzy. I have no idea how long this place has been open I found it on the inter net searching for joints on the far south side. They have a slick web site,but they don’t print any prices,which vexes me. I can guess what they charge based on other places of that type,but I prefer knowing.

The majority of their sandwiches are on the complex side. They add a bunch of stuff to them to create the perception of an added value. In some cases that is the case. In others it isn’t.

Take the sandwich I order for example,the Stout Pork Belly BLT.

Food Menu Ampersand Stout Beer & Kosher Salt-Brined Local Pork Belly Seared & Roasted, Sliced Thin & Pan Fried, then Topped w/ Baby Bibb Lettuce, Beefsteak Tomatoes, & Homemade Apricot Onion Jam, all on Our Grilled Garlic Shallot Bread


It sounds swell doesn’t it. It convinced me to shell out 12 bucks for it. The reality is the bacon was too crisp. All of the fatty juiciness was removed. so instead of a crunch to your mouth it was a crack. And their marmalade was way over the top. Too much sweet to go with not enough salty.


The bread was pretty good though it had a nice garlic taste;but that could have been from the butter. For the sandwiches you have a choice of sea salt fries, house made Parmesan chips or a “side kick” salad.  Per my servers suggestion I opted for the chips. Why O Why do places insist on making potato chips? These were reasonably well made but seasoning was non-existent. Parmesan is not a seasoning. So these were pretty bland. Also quantity doesn’t over come mediocre. Will I go back? Possibly if I am in the area. They do have a pork burger on the menu. Of course it isn’t just a plain ol’ burger

Food Menu Ampersand Local Ground Pork, Seasoned & Mixed w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes, Grilled & Smothered in Wheat Beer Braised Onions, then Topped w/ Smoked Gouda, Garlic Aioli, Tomato Chutney, & Fried Green Tomato on Our Grilled Pretzel Bun

It could be a flop, but there is only one way to find out.






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5 responses

  1. Too bad about the imbalance of sweet to salty.That jam does SOUND good. I can picture the bacon perfectly; it does need that chew, doesn’t it? Not just ashes. So form your future prediction, I take it you like the pretzel bun? They have to get the ratio right on that, too, so it’s not just all bread. It is weird to think how I used to go to a bar and there were three beers on tap and then suddenly it was 20, and now like you say 100. Did you try a brew while you were there?

    They opened a new arcade around here, and I took my son a few days ago. They had added an enormous bar but the problem was that the tap against the wall was about 20 ft back from the bar. So you needed binoculars to read what was on tap. I asked the bartender of they had a hefeweizen and she said she didn’t really know beer but that the cider was okay.YouI’d think your bartender should know about beer, no?

    May 26, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    • The bread on the BLT was a garlic and shallot concoction and it was pretty good. I have no idea where it was made. My bartender wasn’t sure; bless his heart. I know what you mean about the number of beers places feel as though they need to stock. I remember a time when draft beer was the exception and the long neck bottle was the thing. Yes one should expect a bartender would about the bar he or she is attending. Even if you don’t drink the beer at least know what it is you’re selling. Around here it seems the magic number is 10. If you offer more than 10 they print up a beer list. Less than 10 you have to memorize them. Good luck with that. Some of the children I see behind a bar are lucky if they remember their cell phone number. When you say Arcade do you mean video games or old school mechanical ones?

      May 27, 2016 at 9:00 am

      • Well, the thing is we drove all across town to go the first location, so it was dark and seedy and had all sorts of hallways but also a room full of pinball machines, including a Clint Eastwood one where the lever was a pistol. Several grown men in that room. Then they told us there was a NEW one that just opened near our house, so I basically wasted a 35 min drive. The new one was the size of a Hobby Lobby with enormous ceilings.Newer games but still a back room full of first-run video games for the adults, some sitting down kind like they used to have at pizza parlors. And lots of new games (like those ones that push coins to see if they fall) with old themes: Betty Boop, Wizard of Oz, Saturday Night Fever, Elvis. But mostly all new stuff. And some carnival game kinds, like throwing balls at the clown faces till they fall over to win tickets. It’s like Vegas: you can lose $20 in about 7 minutes.

        May 27, 2016 at 12:00 pm

      • But is it like Vegas in that you can win a Million dollars with just one pull of a lever? The reason I asked was there is a new joint in town that specializes in old time pin ball as well as the newer forms of entertainment. I thought it might be a trend.

        May 27, 2016 at 3:42 pm

      • No, nothing like that. No gambling in Texas. That’s why we drive to Oklahoma. 🙂

        May 27, 2016 at 3:53 pm

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