eating indie in indy

Goody’s Family Restaurant 1601 E Main Street #2 Plainfield In.

White gravy on a white platter doesn’t give much contrast does it.

I wanted something more lunch like so I decided on liver and onions. The server convinced me that the senior meal was the way to go and she was absolutely correct. A very nice portion of meat with potato and vegetable. Plus a salad or soup all for $7.

The salad was quite respectable not to the Sahm’s standard but sufficient for its purpose.

The potatoes and gravy were probably not made from scratch but they fulfilled their purpose more than adequately. These were merely the opening acts before the main event. The liver and onions. I order liver any time I see it on the menu. I like it and it is good for you. My ideal plate is fully carmelized onion and a nice slab of liver more medium rare than medium.

This plate got one out of two. The onions were nicely done but the liver was a bit more than medium. However it still retained a moistness that some joints fail to meet. It also was a beautiful piece. Not one bit of vein. It was all soft edible meat. So I realized maybe my quest for a “perfect” plate of liver might fail not because of the restaurant but me. That is except for the joints that turn it into shoe leather. That’s entirely on them. You meed a thick slice to get a mid rare finish and that seems hard to find.

Overall I enjoyed my $7 lunch. I know Pat will be back but I don’t ride so I don’t think I will make a return trip, but if I am in the area I know where I can get a good meal.




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  1. “Not to the Sahm’s standard” LOL! I had Sahm’s today! I had a Molly Melt burger and it was splendid! 😛 I usually do get a salad, cause I love the Sahm’s coffee cake, and you only get that with a salad, which I didn’t find out until Mentor was eating HER coffee cake in front of me, and she did offer to share, but I love her so I let her eat the whole thing. Today I wanted fries. Really wanted fries and it’s okay I missed out on coffee cake.
    Anyway, yes to liver and onions, although I have to be in the mood. I ate that a lot at Grandma’s house, and then quite a bit at Waffle House, not flat yellow roof Waffle House, but half sun, half moon Waffle House. Always with mash and gravy. Mmm. I’m glad you liked yours 🙂
    I now want mash and gravy and it’s cheese night. Hmm. Is it too late for takeout?

    September 20, 2018 at 6:42 pm

    • Have you tried their steak salad? I had it at the one Downtown. Now that is a salad worthy of the coffee cake.

      September 21, 2018 at 8:20 am

      • YES! Steak n’ avocado! YES! Nom nom!

        September 21, 2018 at 5:54 pm

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