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The Propylaeum 1410 N. Delaware

As you can see this is the most historical and stylish place we have yet to visit. I have included a link to their website which offers more information than the Cliff’s Notes version on the plaque in the front yard.

Naturally when you visit a house as grand as this you want to take lots of pictures. Unfortunately my camera battery was fading so I was only able to take a few. Fortunately they allow self guided tours M-F 9 AM -5 PM. They also offer tea on Wednesday from 1 to 4 with a prior reservation.

The food is provided by Food Guys Catering and they did a splendid job. The menu is familiar and yet it has a few offerings that are not that common. They serve Chicken Velvet soup which was a standard at the old L.S Ayres Tea Room and is legendary in these parts. They also use both Campari and Kumato tomatoes which is rare. In addition they have a Nicoise salad on the menu, also very uncommon. That is what I ordered.

Their version omitted the skinny French green beans ( Haricot Verts ) and used asparagus. They also added artichoke hearts and substituted fingerling potatoes for the red. The basic salad ( sans canned tuna) is priced at $6. For an up charge you can add grilled chicken, grilled tuna or blackened salmon. Feeling lucky today I opted for the salmon for 3 bucks. The salmon was actually skillet blackened and nicely done. I would have liked it a little less cooked but it was fine and it complemented the salad very well. I really appreciate a ┬áNicoise salad because of all of its different components. From the saltiness of the olives to the sweetness of the tomato to the snap of the asparagus it was nicely designed and prepared. Speaking of tomatoes they seem to have use Kumato tomatoes on my salad, that explains the “odd” color.

At the end they brought us two cinnamon rolls that were pretty tasty, day old, but tasty.

So if you want to have lunch in a lovely old dinning room and eat some very good food at a more than reasonable price than you must try the Cafe at the Prop.

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Duos at Eskenazi

Anyone who reads our blog with any degree of regularity has heard of Duos. This is our fourth posting. The first time was when they opened their brick and mortar joint at 29th and Meridian. The second time was when they opened their sandwich line. Featuring,among other things, in-house roasted beef and turkey. The third was when I went there with 2 of my sisters. This trip is to check out their digs at the new Eskenazi Hospital complex.

The hospital is a collection of shiny new buildings facing an immense court-yard that is being covered with a trellis of stainless steel pipes and wires. Eventually the area will be bedecked with green vines and plants. It is in this pastoral setting you’ll find Duos. A shiny steel and glass building looking like a Jetson Diner. I tried to take some pictures but the sun was shining, for a change and the results were like a bird flying over a Nevada solar farm. Overexposed.


duos eskenazi & smoking goose 001

duos eskenazi & smoking goose 006

duos eskenazi & smoking goose 017


Since their space is limited the menu is limited as well. I got a cup of 3 greens soup, a side of orzo salad, chicken salad sandwich, Ginger Beer and of course a lemon bar. The soup was delicious. A medley of collard,mustard and turnip greens in a rich pot liquor that actually cried for corn bread. It came with a solo of a parsley pesto. Tasty by itself but, in my opinion not necessary for the soup. The salad was orzo and vegetables in a vinaigrette. It too was tasty, but for some reason my mind was expecting sesame oil with maybe a touch of soy. I have no idea why. You know that phenomenon when you expect one taste and you get something different. It’s like biting into what you think is a hush puppy and it turns out to be a piece of fried okra. You’re sort of bummed. Not because you don’t like fried okra, it’s just because your mouth was “set” for hush puppy.

The chicken salad was a little on the bland side. It was meaty and plentiful it just didn’t have that distinct “punch” I am accustomed to with Duos. As for the lemon bar it was as terrific as always. No matter how many times I say I’m getting something different I always default to the Lemon Bar

duos eskenazi & smoking goose 004

duos eskenazi & smoking goose 005

duos eskenazi & smoking goose 003

duos eskenazi & smoking goose 002
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