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On Shadeland Avenue,in the 900 block sits a free-standing building that houses Zelma’s.As I later learned the building is over 80 years old and has been the home for Zelma’s for more than 30 years.The place is in pretty good shape but it has seen better days.And the cooking has too I’m afraid.Zelma is 93 years old and doesn’t have the hands on as she did, back in the day.When we arrived there was one other customer;an elderly lady finishing her pie at the counter.So when she left we had the whole joint to our selves;and the full attention of the cook/server.The lady was 73 and was doing it all;cooking and covering the counter and the tables.She did have a dish washer that day;normally she wouldn’t.Chatting with her made this one of the most enjoyable lunches we have had.Pat had a grilled cheese with a side of sliced tomatoes and fries.I know, it is really kind of hard to screw that up.But that wasn’t why he ordered it he woke up with a “craving”.I tried their special.Meat loaf with 2 sides and roll and butter for $5.85.The meat loaf was home-made and was good;not spectacular;but good.To  the cook’s credit she used ketchup sparingly before baking.The green beans were canned;which is totally acceptable at a diner;but they could have used more seasoning and more cook time.The mac and cheese was smooth and creamy and made by Gordon Food Services (GFS).It comes in a foil pan ,you pop it in the oven and bake,keep warm and serve.After lunch we ordered pie.Chocolate, peanut butter, cream pie to be exact.Can I hear a YUM?The pie was quite good even though it wasn’t 100% house made.Our server lamented that when Zelma was younger they made all their pies,totally from scratch.Crust,filling and meringue.Now they only make the filling.The younger lady that they have doing the baking and the specials does what she can,but….Oh they also have cobbler that they make,but I didn’t think to ask how home-made they were.All in all it was a pleasant meal.What the food missed in originality was more than made up by the charm of the server/cook.Hearing her talk about her early life and her family was a treat.And the whole meal cost less than $16.Such a deal.

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Cafe Heidelburg

After our rather lack luster lunch yesterday we went across the street to the Cafe Heidelberg and Bakery.Wow they really know how to fill a bakery.Pat got a Marzipan Bear Claw,and the little ferkel ate it all before we even got back on Pendleton Pike.And he didn’t even offer me a taste.I waited until I got home before I tried one of my purchases,a triple layer chocolate cake square,topped with dark chocolate.It was really good not nearly as decadent as it looked;which is a good thing.I’m sure just looking at it added 3 pounds.But the score for the day was a pumpkin pound cake.Super! Rather at night with a cup of Chamomile or in the AM with English Breakfast tea it just fits so well.So by all means if you are ever in the area even if you’re not in the mood for a German style lunch try their bakery.I mean everyone should be in the mood for cake;or cookies or Marzapan.After-all the holidays are coming.And what says “I Care”better than baked goods?