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Santorini Greek Kitchen 1417 Prospect Street

santorini 016

Well this week we had a taste for Greek food. Pat thought that Santorini would be the right spot. Now what says Greek more than an appetizer of flaming cheese. Saganaki for $8.

santorini 017

I thought their particular version was particularly tasty with several pieces of pita bread to go with it. On most of their dishes you have an option to substitute soup for salad for an extra buck. Something we both did. Pat for a garlic mushroom and me with Avgolememo (egg lemon soup).

santorini 020

santorini 033

santorini 027

Pat’s chicken finger sandwich was $9. I think all of their sandwiches are $9 with a side choice. Salad, rice, potatoes or green beans.

I ordered their special. Kreatopita or meat pie. It is a seasoned mixture of ground beef and lamb wrapped in a casing of phyllo dough. I didn’t realize that it was a platter,which means it is served with all the sides. In other words a bunch of food for $12.50. The soup I subbed for salad was excellent.

santorini 023

The broth was as good a chicken stock as any I have had, and the rich egg and lemon hanging out with the pasta made it much more than an ordinary chicken soup.

santorini 025

Each part of my meal was top-notch. I especially liked the main star; the Kreatopita. It was a savory treat wrapped in a crisp phyllo crust. The great thing about phyllo is that; when done properly; the crispness is multi layered. This was done properly.

santorini 024

Although I had to take half of my lunch home I still had to have some Baklava.

santorini 028

santorini 029

Their Baklava was delicious as everything else. They have a full bar and offered a few local brews on draft for $6.50. Downtown prices. I thought they used to offer carafes and half carafes of wine. Evidently I was mistaken. I know there are several Greek Restaurants in Indianapolis. I think that you may want to give this one a try the next time you want to get your Greek on.

santorini 015


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Himalayan Kabob Corner 6066 E. 82nd St.

Himalaya Kabob 035

Cute name isn’t it. I have never had Nepali or Afghani food before,so that is why we decided on Himalaya. When we arrived we were surprised to find a $10 buffet. We also learned that the place had new owners;as of September 1. A Russian married couple. The chef was the same so the food would not miss in the translation. The buffet line was small but nicely done and well stocked.

Himalaya Kabob 036

Himalaya Kabob 037

I was impressed with the quality of the preparation. Each dish was impeccably seasoned. No one spice took control and none of the dishes were spicy hot. I especially liked the spinach and lentils. However I couldn’t find one single weak link. They offered kabob options,sans skewer in chicken and ground beef.

Himalaya Kabob 038

The beef was really nicely done. Little torpedos of meat that still had a touch of pink in the center. The chicken in tomato sauce offered a bonus as the sauce was a good cover for the Jasmine rice.

Himalaya Kabob 039

Before I forget they have an excellent chicken noodle soup. A goodly amount of noodles in a wonderfully tasty broth.

Himalaya Kabob 041

They also offer a dumpling I believe it is called a Manto. Seasoned turkey and the only dish with onion in it. It was superb. No pictures though. One last thing. As we finished the owner brought us a piece of fresh Baklava. It was the best I have had so far in town.

Himalaya Kabob 043

Himalaya Kabob 046

They have the buffet as a weekly lunch time affair. In the evening and on week ends they offer an extensive ala carte menu. They show the menu on their website and as you can see the prices are more than reasonable. Besides where else can you get Nepali food from a restaurant owned by a Russian couple, in Indianapolis.

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Greek Islands.

On South Meridian Street, in the shadow of Lucas Stadium sits The Greek Islands. A bright blue building that has a rep for serving great Greek grub. Today we had a guest. A young man named Isaiah. He’s never had Greek food before and since their Devour Downtown special was 2 special lunches for $30 it worked out great.

Pat ordered Saganaki as an appetizer; $7.50. I tried to get a shot of the flaming cheese but I wasn’t fast enough. As a matter of fact they served 6 or 8 orders while we were there and I never could get my camera up fast enough. Pat’s shot did catch the sizzle though.

Greek Islands 006

Greek Islands 015

Greek Islands 014

Saganaki or Hummus

2 Avgolemono OR Fasolada Bean Soup

Combination Platter for 2 includes:
Pasticchio, Moussaka, Gyros, Rice Pilaf, Green Beans Olympian, 2 Mama Fofo’s famous Potatoes, 2 Tiropitas and Pita Bread


Baklava, Rice Pudding OR Galactobouriko 

This is the Devour Downtown two for $30 lunch special. Perfect for someone who has never had Greek food before.

Greek Islands 004We opted for hummus. There was quite a bit more pita bread in the beginning; but we started eating before the picture. I thought the hummus was excellent. Creamy and full of garlic flavor. Some of the best I’ve had.

The place was super busy when we arrived, we had a wait for a table. I don’t think that has ever happened before. As a result the service was a little sluggish. Sometimes, somethings can not be helped. As a result the house substituted a salad for the soups.

Greek Islands 008

The salad was ho-hum. The dressing was good and they used white onion, which I prefer over the typical red.

When the entrée arrived it was a huge platter of food.

Greek Islands 010

The veggies were passable, not great, not bad. Green beans with tomatoes, and rice. I enjoy rice as a component of a dish but as a general rule rice doesn’t stand on its own too well. Mama Fofo’s potatoes were pretty good. Oven crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The Pistachio was pretty good ,a little on the mild side but the bechamel topping was fantastic. Light and fluffy, yet slightly firm like a fine custard, or pudding. The gyro meat had a nice seasoning and texture. But the king of the gyro set was the tzatziki. Rich and thick with a great taste of garlic and cucumber. The tiropita had a nice tasting filling but it was a wee bit dry. I think that may be a holding problem as much as anything.

Greek Islands 016

Greek Islands 001

The only bad thing I can say about this joint was the baklava. We shared one piece and it was pretty bad. Hard and dry. All the honey had soaked through and bottomed out. Turning into a hard candy shell. But it was hardly a deal breaker to me. It is still worth a visit.

906 S Meridian St
Indianapolis, IN 46225

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