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Thai Cafe 1041 Broad Ripple Avenue.

There is something about rainy weather that makes Thai food compelling. Pat and I decided on Thai,again. Indy has a few Thai style restaurants available. For this occasion we decided on one in the “Village”. The address may seem familiar because it is the epicenter of what I call Ripple Food Central. That is a strip mall that houses several different ethnic eating options, as well as a brewery. Pretty convenient.

This particular joint has been around for a while but has changed owners. A few of the reviews have been less than complimentary concerning the owner and the service. I notice reviews, and I take them into consideration, up to a point. Bottom line I need to check out the joint first hand.

The place is compact, nicely appointed and neat and clean. Our first impression of the servers was they were competent and actually looking forward to waiting on us. After we were seated the first thing I noticed was their vaulted ceiling and this part of the decor.

Thai Cafe 003

I have no idea what it is. I only hope it lights up at night, and possibly spins. Oh I hope it spins.

The first thing I noticed about this particular Thai restaurant was they offer Sushi. That is rare,in my experience. Oh one thing about this particular mall is that all the restaurants have a menu posted to the outside windows. You can see what to expect before you walk in. As much as I love Sushi I resisted. One of my all time favorite Sushi joints is about one block west. Besides to me Sushi without sake is like pizza without beer.

I really enjoy noodles. I really enjoy bean sprouts and veggies, so I ordered Khauk Swe Kyaw. Like all of their lunch specials they come with soup or salad choice for about 8 or 9 bucks. Pat and I both opted for the soup, lemon grass.

Thai Cafe 006

I have never had a Lemon Grass soup as assertive as this. Most often soups of this nature are flat and singularly flavored. A mild chicken broth with a weak citrus taste and a hint of cilantro. To me this cup was an explosion of lemon and chicken flavor and the cilantro was more than a passing herb, it brought its true taste to the forefront. I would venture a guess that this was due to the fat structure of the soup. You could taste it in the soup and fat is not only flavor it transfers flavor. So, yeah I dug the soup.

Thai Cafe 007

Now isn’t that a beautiful plate. An amazing abundance of veggies and chicken ¬†with a nuance of peanut and topped with fresh carrot and mung sprouts. One of my favorite combos.

Thai Cafe 008

So now…Here’s Pat.

Thai Cafe 011

Thai Cafe

Thai Cafe 009

Now don’t ask me why the one photo had a green cast to it. I give my camera to Pat to take the shots of his own lunch and I have no idea what happened. I do think it’s sort of cool though.

Well regardless of the photos Pat and I are in agreement of this place. Even though we did have differing opinions of the soup. I think Pat was working on a cold. No matter we both think this joint is a keeper. So add this to your list of joints to eat at in the Ripple.



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