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Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles

If I had to choose one word to describe Maxine’s when I first walked in, it would be professional. The place was extremely busy and yet everyone appeared to be moving efficiently and professionally. We didn’t want to wait for the fried chicken; because they do it right, they cook it to order and it was going to take 35 min. So Pat opted for a blueberry pancakes breakfast, and I picked salmon cakes and greens.before all that we decided to share some fried green tomatoes. They were excellent, the sauce they served with them was slightly reminiscent of big boy sauce. They also give you complementary corn cakes and home-made peach butter. The corn cakes were pretty good but the peach butter was first-rate . The pancakes are for real, homemade with real blueberries. The salmon cakes were definitely old school, thick and crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. I would not have minded if the potatoes had been fried crisper, but what is not to like about fried potatoes. Oh, I almost forgot about the greens they were probably the best I have had in town, to date. Be forewarned they are spicier than what you would usually expect. All in all this is a place worth going to and worth going back to.When you do go make sure you give yourself enough time to try the fried chicken, I know I will.Maxine's Chicken and Waffles on Urbanspoon

Cafe Heidelburg

After our rather lack luster lunch yesterday we went across the street to the Cafe HeidelbergĀ and Bakery.Wow they really know how to fill a bakery.Pat got a Marzipan Bear Claw,and the little ferkelĀ ate it all before we even got back on Pendleton Pike.And he didn’t even offer me a taste.I waited until I got home before I tried one of my purchases,a triple layer chocolate cake square,topped with dark chocolate.It was really good not nearly as decadent as it looked;which is a good thing.I’m sure just looking at it added 3 pounds.But the score for the day was a pumpkin pound cake.Super! Rather at night with a cup of Chamomile or in the AM with English Breakfast tea it just fits so well.So by all means if you are ever in the area even if you’re not in the mood for a German style lunch try their bakery.I mean everyone should be in the mood for cake;or cookies or Marzapan.After-all the holidays are coming.And what says “I Care”better than baked goods?