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Three Sisters in Broad Ripple

I have wanted to try this joint for a while. I am not sure why we waited so long? Maybe we needed to wait for a Dark and Stormy Halloween afternoon. You know; to balance out the hip granola vibe of The Ripple.

The place is in an old house; so it’s not too big. The menu is interesting and it has been on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. And that appearance has yet to go to its head. Unlike some joints in Indy.

3 Sisters 006

3 Sisters 007

As you can see on the menu it offers quite a bit of Vegan Fare. That is why Pat tried their breakfast service. He and Fran went here when their two vegan daughters were in town. Their pricing can be a trifle high on some items. That may be why he was a wee bit snarky at first. It was his turn to buy. Although he did suggest the spot. Ahem.

3 Sisters 016

3 Sisters 005

These must be the Three Sisters. The name sake of the Cafe.

3 Sisters 013

3 Sisters 011Our service was a little perfunctory. Everyone was pleasant but our server just seem rather new to the work.

As for the food; I thought my sandwich was outstanding. It was slow cooked Fresh Ham with braised Kale and pepper jack cheese. In other words slow roasted pig and Country Greens. Everything worked so well together. The more you ate the more you enjoyed it. Well you can keep your Manhattans; be they beef or turkey. When the snow stars flying give me one of these. Every time.

3 Sisters 017

Now every great sandwich deserves a great side. And here that would be calico potatoes. A combo of grated sweet and yellow potatoes. A huge portion fried perfectly, toasted handsomely and tasting wonderfully.

3 Sisters 0183 Sisters Cafe on

Stars Sandwich Market

Have you ever felt like a cold sandwich for lunch?You know the kind you could fix at home;if you had access to a bunch of fixins’.Brown bagging;without the bag.That’s how Pat and I felt Thursday so we went to the Stars Sandwich Market ,on Delaware St,across from the City Market.It appears to be rather popular with the busy downtown crowd.They make all the sandwiches in advance and store them in a refrigerated merchandise cabinet.They offer the usual assortment of bottled water,juices and fountain soft drinks.They also offer pre-made salads and homemade hot soups.They offer a rather extensive variety of sandwiches;however you can’t get one “custom made”which could be a problem for some one like Pat;who is allergic to onion and detests mayo.However we checked out the menu in advance and we knew what to expect.Pat had a plain turkey with lettuce and tomato on whole wheat.I had their turkey with lettuce,tomato,provolone and cranberry sauce;all on a hoagie style roll.I also tried their sour cream and dill potato salad and sesame noodles.The potato salad needed some acidity to curb the richness of the sour cream and a lot more dill;for my taste.The noodles were very good I’d eat them again any time.All in all we think this joint’s worth trying.You know the sandwiches are fresh and they do have a good selection.From the classic;PB&J to the less common egg salad with bacon.So next time you’re downtown and you want a sandwich that isn’t grilled or deep-fried and aren’t in the mood for a “footlong”try Star.Stars Sandwich Market on Urbanspoon