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Olympia Greek Cuisine 215 Terrace Ave.

This is a brand new joint. The building has housed 2 other restaurants in the past but this fellow went all out on decorating the place inside and out. He did a splendid job on the decor and it appears his food will be as lovely.

When you eat Greek you need some flaming cheese. And of course what is cheese without wine.

This was such an excellent start to our lunch. I can not think of a better cheese course that I have had. Another plate with some olives thrown in would have made me a meal.

Pat was finally able to get his fave since they use a minimal amount of onion. I usually default for Dolmades but I wanted something more substantial; so I went for moussaka

This joint has me hooked. Their version of Moussaka was great. They also have a good selection of seafood dishes. That is not too common around here.

Even if you know nothing of Greek food this place should still be added to your list. Good cooking is Universal and this joint puts out some good food.

Hellas Cafe 8501 Westfield Blvd.

We weren’t sure where we were going to eat this week. I thought of an Asian Grill that was scheduled to open in Broad Ripple. We drove by but they weren’t ready yet so we headed north. When we hit Nora we saw Hellas and decided we needed some Greek food.

I had a desire for Mousaka. A creamy macaroni dish just appealed to me. Their version was very good. The Sauce Bechamel was smooth and creamy and decadently rich. The sides were well executed s well The beans were cooked down Hoosier style and the potatoes were crisp and tender. All in all it was an excellent meal.

Both of our lunches came with salads; which I forgot to take pictures of. They were normal side salads and came with an excellent vinaigrette. Both cost $12.49 so I thought they were reasonable considering what you got. Our server was attentive but the overall service made me nervous. There was one server and one cook and the kitchen was building the salads to order. That really struck me as odd. The cook got behind quickly but she managed it well and never really ended in the weeds. Evidently their customers aren’t in a hurry to get back to work so if you want a warm and leisurely Greek meal consider Nora Plaza and Hellas. I don’t get this way often but if I do I want to try their Dolmades. They build theirs with ground meat which is my preference.

The Bosphorus Istanbul Cafe 935 S. East Street

bosphorus 003

This is a joint that Pat and I visited some time back,before we even started the blog. I remember the fluffy Jasmine rice very well. I knew we would have to return and today was as good a day as any other.

They offer a lunch special for $8.75 that includes an appetizer and an entrée. Here is a link to their website.

I am a sucker for Dolmades. A seasoned mix of rice,onion and mint rolled in grape leaves. Sometimes you will find lamb, and or raisins. Their version is strictly veggie served on a bed of salad,drizzled with olive oil and lemon.

bosphorus 017

This was a great app. A perfect size and taste to get your appetite all worked up,ready for something bigger.

bosphorus 008

For me “the something bigger” was Kofte. That is a ground beef and lamb patty,seasoned with parsley and onion and then grilled. This was a wonderfully savory hunk of meat. It was nicely seasoned and cooked all the way through. Normally I wouldn’t dig any form of ground meat cooked that long but this worked. It was compacted enough that you could use a knife and fork to cut it. Not hard, by any means, just not “crumbly” like you would expect from a ground meat patty. I found the flavor to be very assertive and the texture “steak like”. A few slices of the meat wrapped in the warm pita made for excellent mini sandwiches.

bosphorus 011

Oh yeah it also had a bit of salad and veggies as well as some rice. It was definitely a home run, as it covered all the bases.

bosphorus 021

bosphorus 007

bosphorus 001

bosphorus 010

I didn’t get a taste of Pat’s beef dish but I did get a bite of the Hummus. It was very creamy. Some hummus is a bit grainy but this was as smooth as silk. Very tasty.

bosphorus 009

So I know that Bosphorus is not unknown in Indy,I just think it has been awhile since it was reviewed. Regardless this is an excellent place for lunch or dinner. We both recommend it.

bosphorus 002

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Sam’s Gyros

I was on the north side with my son Adam on the way pick up his eldest daughter; my first born Grand child in Noblesville. After we picked up Emily I thought it would be a good idea to get some carry out. Adam suggested Sam’s Gyros at 8922 East 96th Street. He has been there several times and liked the food. He ordered a Chicken Shawarma platter with salad and rice for $13.95. Emily got a half Beef Shawarma in pita for $5.95. I got a Beef dolmades platter with salad, no rice for $13.95. Both platters came with 2 warm pita as well.

After I unpacked the lunch Em attacked her pita bread sandwich with great enthusiasm. She had never had beef shawarma before and obviously really liked it. Poor thing is trying to gain some weight. She starts Ball State this fall. As a matter of fact she leaves in a couple of weeks. In either event I didn’t have the opportunity to take a shot of her sandwich.

hospital & sam's gyro 018edited

Adam’s chicken dish was plentiful and he really liked it. I had a taste and I wasn’t overly impressed. The inclusion of 2 pita breads was good on his dish. I mean you could stuff the bread with chicken and rice.

hospital & sam's gyro 019edited

As I said before both platters came with salads. This is the aforementioned salad. While large not real impressive. Standard torn lettuce minimal cucumber and tomato, a few olives and a sprinkling of feta cheese. Ho-Hum. The dressing was nice and it worked well as a dipping sauce for the good pita that came with my dolma.

As for my dolma they were very good. For some reason grape leaves with beef are difficult to find. That was why I was excited to see them on the menu. Their version  was long and slender with a great taste and nice texture. Their tatziki sauce was pretty good as well. Again it was a great sauce for pita dunking.

hospital & sam's gyro 017edited

The amount of dolma was nice. It was a very tasty and filling plate. I just don’t know if it or the shawarma  were worth the $14 price tag. Maybe if I saw it on a plate at a table I might think otherwise. Elements of the lunch were very good. But as always it is up to the individual consumer to decide the value.

hospital & sam's gyro 016

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