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Hops and Fire 1259 In 135 Greenwood In.


Note that this is a Craft Tap House, as opposed to a Craft Brew House. They sell the Craft beer they don’t brew it. And according to the signage they offer 40 different brews. That is the current “thing” with taverns. Hell Yard House and Hop Cat each have over 100 on tap. It can make a fellow dizzy. I have no idea how long this place has been open I found it on the inter net searching for joints on the far south side. They have a slick web site,but they don’t print any prices,which vexes me. I can guess what they charge based on other places of that type,but I prefer knowing.

The majority of their sandwiches are on the complex side. They add a bunch of stuff to them to create the perception of an added value. In some cases that is the case. In others it isn’t.

Take the sandwich I order for example,the Stout Pork Belly BLT.

Food Menu Ampersand Stout Beer & Kosher Salt-Brined Local Pork Belly Seared & Roasted, Sliced Thin & Pan Fried, then Topped w/ Baby Bibb Lettuce, Beefsteak Tomatoes, & Homemade Apricot Onion Jam, all on Our Grilled Garlic Shallot Bread


It sounds swell doesn’t it. It convinced me to shell out 12 bucks for it. The reality is the bacon was too crisp. All of the fatty juiciness was removed. so instead of a crunch to your mouth it was a crack. And their marmalade was way over the top. Too much sweet to go with not enough salty.


The bread was pretty good though it had a nice garlic taste;but that could have been from the butter. For the sandwiches you have a choice of sea salt fries, house made Parmesan chips or a “side kick” salad. ┬áPer my servers suggestion I opted for the chips. Why O Why do places insist on making potato chips? These were reasonably well made but seasoning was non-existent. Parmesan is not a seasoning. So these were pretty bland. Also quantity doesn’t over come mediocre. Will I go back? Possibly if I am in the area. They do have a pork burger on the menu. Of course it isn’t just a plain ol’ burger

Food Menu Ampersand Local Ground Pork, Seasoned & Mixed w/ Sun Dried Tomatoes, Grilled & Smothered in Wheat Beer Braised Onions, then Topped w/ Smoked Gouda, Garlic Aioli, Tomato Chutney, & Fried Green Tomato on Our Grilled Pretzel Bun

It could be a flop, but there is only one way to find out.






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Farmers Market Cafe. 650 W. Washington Street

This is both a cafe ,in that you are served your food and a cafeteria ,in that you order your food at a cashier and then take your seat. Are you with me? It is located in the Indiana State Museum which is right on the canal so you can’t get much better scenery in the summer.

city market 010

This picture was taken at the bottom of the street ramp leading to the Museum.

When you enter you find the cashier stand with menus posted. This is where you order,pay and receive a numbered plastic placard, like an old-time Sizzlers.

You walk through the cooking area to get your drinks,or frozen yogurt from their soft serve machine. Or for some impulse buy.

city market 012

city market 013

Once you pay and get your beverage you can sit inside or out on a wide veranda overlooking the canal.

city market 011

city market 014

In the bottom picture you can see the skyline of the IUPUI campus in the background. Now really isn’t this a great place to eat?

Now for the food. They had a pepperoni flat bread special for $7.99. Evidently it fulfilled Pats dream.

city market 017

city market 021

city market 018

Pat suggested this place because his wife; Fran, who works at the university went there and recommended it. She also mentioned that she had a fried green tomato BLT. Well I did not see that when I checked out the menu on their website this morning but I sure saw it on the menu board. I really like fried green tomatoes, and I really,really like BLT sandwiches. So the combo of the two was a no-brainer. They use Smoking Goose bacon so it was mandatory for me for lunch. They put theirs on a whole grain toast with both green leaf and iceberg lettuce and a nice slathering of mayo. Normally I can take or leave mayo,but with both fried green tomato or BLT sammiches you need the mayo. Of course as a kid we used Miracle Whip( salad dressing). It was cheaper. But as I entered my teens I acquired a taste for mayo.

city market 015

Now this was a great sandwich. Crunch from the bacon and the lettuce. Tart and tangy tomatoes with a nice creaminess from a healthy dose of mayo. $9.99 with sweet potato chips.

city market 016

So. Yes I liked this sandwich. Was it unique and original. No,but how many sandwiches are? I think this is a great place to catch lunch, and check out the State Museum. Plus you get to look over the canal. Now that is a bonus,if for no other reason than the chance for people watching.

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Maxine’s Chicken and Waffles

If I had to choose one word to describe Maxine’s when I first walked in, it would be professional. The place was extremely busy and yet everyone appeared to be moving efficiently and professionally. We didn’t want to wait for the fried chicken; because they do it right, they cook it to order and it was going to take 35 min. So Pat opted for a blueberry pancakes breakfast, and I picked salmon cakes and greens.before all that we decided to share some fried green tomatoes. They were excellent, the sauce they served with them was slightly reminiscent of big boy sauce. They also give you complementary corn cakes and home-made peach butter. The corn cakes were pretty good but the peach butter was first-rate . The pancakes are for real, homemade with real blueberries. The salmon cakes were definitely old school, thick and crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. I would not have minded if the potatoes had been fried crisper, but what is not to like about fried potatoes. Oh, I almost forgot about the greens they were probably the best I have had in town, to date. Be forewarned they are spicier than what you would usually expect. All in all this is a place worth going to and worth going back to.When you do go make sure you give yourself enough time to try the fried chicken, I know I will.Maxine's Chicken and Waffles on Urbanspoon