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Three Wise Men ( Revisit- Father’s Day Edition )

Today is Father‘s Day. Four days earlier was my 63rd Birthday. My first-born son called me and told me he and my grand-daughters wanted to celebrate both days with a Pizza Meal. We decided to go to the aforementioned 3 Wise Men in Broad Ripple. Since the last time I was there they have changed their menu. They have added more calzones and sandwiches. For their sandwiches they use their own bread; made from their pizza dough with Smoking Goose meat. This post to me, is about food, as a family event. I am sure I forgot to take pictures of some of the stuff we ordered. No matter. I know the girls ordered a garlic bread app. I forgot to snap a shot.

fathers day 007

This is a picture of my son and two of my grand daughters. Natalie; the 10 year old on the left split a calzone with her dad.

fathers day 009

She was adamant about substituting red peppers for green. She then proceeded to remove them from the calzone. She evidently only likes raw red peppers.

Jill. I am sorry. I caught you eating popcorn. But Ava sure looks cute.

Jill. I am sorry. I caught you eating popcorn. But Ava sure looks cute.

Naturally one large pie had to be involved. Half pepperoni and half sweet sausage. The crust is almost cracker thin.

fathers day 011

I opted for a Smoking Goose sandwich. Mortadella, capacola and pepperoni smeared with a roasted red pepper spread and topped with swiss cheese. Smoking Goose Meatery is the local shop that makes all sorts of meat products.

fathers day 012For desert the ladies ordered an elephant ear ( a Indiana State Fair tradition ) and an individual German Chocolate cake.

fathers day 015

This was too big to finish. Carry out box please?

fathers day 014

This is the plate that the cake was served on. You gotta’ be quick with a camera when chocolate cake is involved.

So to all June Geminis: Happy Birthday. And to all Daddies: Happy Fathers Day.Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon