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Blind Owl Brewery 5014 E. 62 nd Street

Well we have a new brewery in town. I think that brings the number to an even 2 dozen. Some say this influx will glut the market; I say; is it possible to have too much beer?.

Last week after lunch at Black Diamond we stopped there for beer.

Black Diamond 016

The place is a looker. Expansive with high ceilings,exposed brick and interior garage type doors to separate the different dining spaces. They also have a beautiful outdoor seating area,complete with bocce ball court, herb gardens and even bee hives for their brewery.

Blind Owl 019

Blind Owl 020

Blind Owl 021

The menu they are currently using is a pared down version of their opening menu. As I was told the kitchen had trouble keeping up with the huge rush of the hungry and thirsty. So they trimmed the menu down with plans on adding more options as the crew became more proficient.

Their house soup is Tomato soup with bacon and Creme Fraiche. A cup is $3.99 That is how I decided on starting my lunch.

Blind Owl 014

The soup was really good. A nice bright tomato presence with a hint of herbs and slight creaminess. The addition of bacon is always good and the slightly tart creme balanced it out nicely.

As for the entre the only thing I was sure of ,was that I wanted to try their onion rings. For that reason I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. Normally I don’t order chicken breast out. The boneless,skinless breast can be a pretty boring piece of meat. What sold me on the Coop sandwich was that they added Gouda cheese and apple slices to the chicken and served it on a Brioche bun.The resultant sandwich was really good. The basic sandwich was $10.99 and for onion rings you pay an extra dollar. The rings were excellent. The batter they make is great and the result is crisp and tasty.

Blind Owl 015

Blind Owl 003

Blind Owl 018

Pat’s pizza was about $12, and you might notice that they use a cheese blend for the pies. Personally not a big fan of cheddar on pizza. I do agree with is assessment of Lisa. She was a perky delight.

The whole joint is just what you expect from a Lux restaurant. A well-trained staff and nicely crafted food. Oh and the beer is pretty great too.

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Chatham Tap Pub 719 Mass. Ave.

Chatam 019

As you can imagine,this is an English type Pub. Complete with soccer games on TV, English draft beers and a few English style food items. Pat swore we had eaten here before. I remember coming here I just don’t recall eating here. Obviously it was pre- blog days.

The menu struck me as one where the folks have a creative spin for their sandwiches. They offer different bread choices,which isn’t uncommon. The uncommon part is the 2 ciabatta choices they have. Both of which are done in-house. They buy the dough and then proof it and bake it. For one they add rosemary. They also offer a rye, a Parisian and a black bean and salsa bread. I like that. It gives the customer a chance to “personalize” their meal.

What sort of pub would it be without fish and chips? As we all know Pat is a freak for fried fish.

So naturally he ordered a full order.

Chatam 006

Chatam 001



Chatam 010

Chatam 003

I was more interested in the sandwiches. My first thought was a pear and Gorgonzola with bacon. I loved the idea,I was concerned about how much heat was applied to the cheese. I love bleu cheese,I just don’t like it hot. It tastes metallic to me. Of course I didn’t ask before hand. I ordered a Granny Smith apple and smoked Gouda on rosemary ciabatta. I added bacon. They refer to their bacon as rasher bacon. Now what does that mean? Rasher means slice. Some people use that term in reference to a portion of bacon. Chatham uses a bacon made from pork loin not pork belly. Similar to “Canadian bacon. That is their Rasher Bacon. The sandwich was full of apple, with a slight taste of cinnamon. The bread was excellent, but I think the added bacon carried the sandwich. I think that without it I would not have enjoyed it nearly as much. As for the smoked Gouda, the cheese could have phoned it in. A very small piece that was hardly melted. Don’t get me wrong. I really enjoyed the taste I just, by default, ponder how it could have been better.

More cheese, melted, and maybe a “dressing” of a whole grain mustard. A Panini press would be a perfect tool. Also I appreciate the lettuce and tomato but I though it was superfluous. Oh I will be back. After talking with Taylor,our bar tender she gave me the 411 on the pear, Gorgonzola sandwich. The cheese was enhanced with a mayo so the result was a creamy and sweet. And it comes with Rasher Bacon. So you get sweet and salty and savory. Bonus

Chatam 003

Chatam 013

Chatam 016

So there you have it. Right smack dab in the middle of Mass. Ave. you too can enjoy the taste of an English Pub. Good food and good beer.



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