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Side Wok Cafe 1087 Broad Ripple Ave.

This is one business among many in a strip mall on the main drag in Broad Ripple. That may be why we never hit it up before now. Had I known what was in store for us I would have wanted to go sooner.

They offer lunch specials similar to other Chinese joints in town but we ordered from the regular menu. We each ordered a pork egg roll for $1.60. It was a pretty good roll, however I forgot to take a shot of it. I could have eaten another one. The first thing I noticed was they serve everything in and on disposable ware. Even the cutlery is plastic.

We each received a large paper plate of white rice for our entrees. This place doesn’t skimp on serving size.

That haze in the upper left hand corner is steam from the food. That was how fast the food came out.

I felt a need for pork in black bean sauce.

Usually pork in stir fry are in small pieces. This was large slices of pork loin. Two to three inches in diameter and one-quarter inch thick. A delicious surprise.

I understand Pat’s hesitation about a return visit as he lives a distance. I am only a few miles away and am in the area at least once a week. Also they are built for carry out. The amount of food we were served was crazy and the quality was as good as any in Indy. Each of our lunch dishes were $8.45. Two people could easily share one of the entrees. I am sure some folks may be turned off by the paper plates and plastic forks but it doesn’t bother me a bit. I consider it a testimony to the tenderness of the meat that a plastic knife can cut it. So the utensils shouldn’t be a negative so large the tasty food can’t over come.



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First Wok 6219 Allisonville Road

First wok 022

Now this is a hole in the wall. A small place that has limited seating; 2 -4 tops and 3 deuces total as they do a lot of carry out. They seem to be successful as they have another outlet on the west side. You order at the counter and then take a seat. They offer a lunch special for $5.55 which includes a choice of soup,egg roll or beverage. Their menu is the same basic Chinese menu you find in so many small family owned joints through the country, they have one taped to the front glass by the door. I decided on pork Lo Mein with egg drop soup.

first wok 019

After my first tastes of the soup I told Pat that this could very possibly be the worse soup I have had. It had an odd texture from corn starch and was very bland. The eggs had a very nice thread but it was still nearly tasteless. After adding a half pack of hot mustard I enjoyed it. The “chicken-ness” of the broth was slight ,were it stronger it would have been more appreciated.

first wok 017

The Pork Lo Mein was a huge portion;I was only able to eat half of it. The noodles seemed bigger than I recall from other places and the fried rice was a bit dry. Again a bit of hot mustard and soy sauce improved it. It was a decent composition and as far as getting your money’s worth you definitely do. I can see why it does good business

first wok 018

first wok 021

First Wok 023

first wok 020

So overall we were both satisfied. Were I in the area and wanted some Chinese food I would definitely go back however I wouldn’t make this my destination. Except maybe to try the chicken wings. I am told they are battered and deep-fried and are really good.

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Tokyo Buffet 8810 S. Emerson Av.

tokyo 083

Looks pretty mundane doesn’t it. After all it sits in the middle of a sprawling strip mall. Surrounded by  a bunch more. Don’t let its appearance fool you. There is a nice little buffet behind those doors. One with an amazing array of Chinese food. It even has freshly prepared sushi. All for $6.95 at lunch and $9.95 for dinner.

tokyo 097

This is the first hot line, with about every Chinese tidbit you would want.

Pat and I were shameless in our gluttony. The Chinese food was very well prepared and everything stayed crisp and hot. They never overloaded any one item, relying on frequent restocking to keep the table intact.

tokyo 093

The sushi was nicely done as well. The selection of rolls were rather average, as they bring out the “fancy” rolls at dinner. However they were very tasty. Of course the use of rice and nori was abundant. I don’t think you can expect yellow tail or salmon for 6 bucks.

tokyo 091

tokyo 102

tokyo 094

This is the second hot line. Pork and chicken were well represented as well as various veggies, in the form of egg rolls, pot stickers and General Tso’s contribution. I would guess they had more than 30 different items on the steam tables. Plus the sushi and deserts and salads. They even had calamari rings and surimi wrapped in bacon.

tokyo 095

This is the salad station. It also had fresh melon and puddings. They even had ice cream in a little freezer. Of course I didn’t see that until we were leaving.

tokyo 096

This was the desert station. Little petits fours and cookies and macaroons. I know none of these were house made, but they were really pretty tasty. The ones with sprinkles were flavored with coffee.

This was one of the better buffets I have eaten at. The marrying of skillfull cooking and ready made items made it a very memorable lunch. I honestly think it’s phenomenal that it is only $6.95.

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