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Kim’s Kake & Kupcake Kreations

Kim's Kakes 005-001Well, that name sure is  a mouthful. But it leaves no doubt as to what this place is all about. It is on the south side, 5401 Madison Avenue, to be precise. I believe it has been open for about three years. It relocated recently to a larger building across the street from its original location. So business has been pretty good. They have a website but I don’t think it is updated too often. So most of their business appears to be by word-of-mouth.

They recently added soups and sandwiches to the menu. The usual fare, you would expect from a joint that made its own bread. With a couple of atypical twists.

Kim's Kakes 006

Kim's Kakes 007


Kim's Kakes 010

From the beginning, I was intrigued by the pretzel bun. EVERYBODY has a pretzel bun now. Even Wendy’s. But the only similarity between this bun and everyone else’s is the spelling. This creation has the texture and density of a good bread and the flavor and saltiness of a soft German pretzel. I ordered a pretzel club. Which is Cotto salami, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing. Ranch dressing would not be my first choice for such a bread but I try to try a dish the way the Cook planned it. The salami was assertive enough to stand up to the bread. The other stuff did not fare as well. When I go back. I hope to try the smoked sausage and pretzel bun sandwich. Or if that’s not available, the straight up salami with mustard. I tried a cup of the loaded potato soup. It was pretty good. Tasty even on a 90° day. The Eclair Pat mentioned was one we got to share. I cannot say that this is the best Eclair I have had. Sometimes when I taste something that I really enjoy I tend to gush like a 14 year old boy meeting a 14 year old girl. But it surely was an excellent pastry. One anyone would be proud to serve. The entire preparation was spot on. From the Choux Pastry to the vanilla cream filling to the chocolate “Shell” on top.

Kim's Kakes 008

I couldn’t finish my lunch so I took one half of the sandwich home along with my “better than Hostess” cupcake. As well as a few other items. I mean, these cases are hard to resist.

Kim's Kakes 001

Kim's Kakes 002

My better half, Clara, ( who has a background in Food and Beverage as well ) really liked the pretzel bread, and the cupcake. She just took exception to my chose in take out. Two of them were pretty close in taste. That is why I MUST go back. To score some more pretzel bread and some Cake Truffles. They also offer a gluten free eclair. As far as other gluten free products I honestly am not sure.

Kim's Kakes 012

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Madison Grill

On south side of the city at the corner of Troy Avenue and Madison Avenue is the Madison Grill. It used to be Sunshine Café; and before that I believe it was a Waffle House.So the building has seen a lot of cooking and eating over the years. This current incarnation of a former sunshine Café offers a nice array of home cooking. Nothing fancy. Nothing cutting-edge or chic. Just a nice meal. Pat wanted to try their special. Chicken and noodles. It was served with two sides and a mini loaf of fresh-baked bread and butter.the bread was brought out first so that we could start whetting our appetites.

004There’s just something about warm bread. Even a proof and bake loaf. I did manage to get one slice and it was pretty good. Warm and comforting slathered with real butter. When Pat’s chicken and noodles arrived his first taste was underwhelming. Good but not wow. But all the dish needed was a little more fat. Pat added a bit of butter turning the good into great. You see, fat rules. As for the sides the corn was predictable. His other side was a medley of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots seasoned and cooked on a griddle. By cooking the veggies on the flat top, it added some great brown and crispy bits. There is nothing like crispy bits to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

005I wanted to try the special as well. However, I was feeling some diet guilt. So I ordered a Cobb salad. Normally I view salads as varying degrees of boring. Not this one. It was huge with lots of stuff on it. First off, it was prepared the way a Cobb Salad should be prepared. All of the toppings were diced and arrayed in columns. Crisp bacon, blue cheese crumbles, ham, tomato and chopped egg. The quantity was almost embarrassingly large. Almost. I finished it all and was able to sit back full and with a sated and smug grin on my face. After all I only ate a salad.

008As a matter of fact I was so full I couldn’t even order dessert. And I really wanted to try some bread pudding. Oh well, there will be other times. And if I only eat a salad. I’m sure my diet could handle dessert.


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I Found My Thrill…..

What do Richie Cunningham, Fats Domino,and diners have in common? Give up? Well, it’s Blueberry Hill Pancake House on E. Washington St. you get it , don’t you? That classic Fats Domino tune that Richie from Happy Days was always singing and…… never mind.It’s located at Franklin Road and Washington street in a freestanding building that formerly housed a Perkins pancake house., Their menu is colossal; offering specialty pancakes, Belgian waffles, Freedom toast as well, as every lunch or dinner item you could possibly expect at a good diner.In a lot of ways it reminds me of Flap Jacks on South Madison Avenue; in that they are owned and operated by  Greek families and they offer big portions, good prices, and unapologetic patriotism.Pat and I both decided we could use breakfast at lunch time.I ordered two eggs over easy, corned beef hash, grits in place of potatoes and substituted pancakes for toast all for $8. Pat made potato pancakes the center of his lunch and added bacon, one scrambled egg and one piece of whole wheat toast for the supporting cast and at a cost of under $6.That may sound like a lot of food, probably because it is. When our server brought out all the plates they covered the entire end of the table.My corned beef  hash was excellent, crispy, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside just the way it should be.And it was great mixed in with the yolk of my eggs.The grits were served in a soup bowl and tasted just like the first time I had them as a teenager in Alabama.In place of the toast I got 2 huge fluffy pancakes that Pat was more than willing to help me with.As far as the potato pancakes were concerned I guess they were okay, I never got a chance to taste them.I do recall him mumbling something about how tasty they were.As for the rest of his food I guess it was okay,the bacon was thick, lean and crisp and since he ordered his one egg scrambled hard,how can you tell if it was messed up.We probably should go back again to try one of their skillets,or a sandwich or a dinner entrée or maybe a fruit filled crepe.Oh, when you go there look for a sign showing the stuff they offer that is not on the menu.Jim,the friend that suggested this place says that is where he discovered their filet skillet,slices of steak sautéed with peppers and onions.That is what he gets every time he goes.Also if you can do it save room for dessert,they have A LOT of home-made pies and cakes for $2.50.Those you can’t miss.They are in the display counter at the cashier station.Sly little devils.Blueberry Hill Pancake House on Urbanspoon