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Ann’s Restaurant 77 W. Monroe Street Franklin Indiana

We have been to Franklin before. It is a small college town south of Indy with nice houses and friendly people. Pat suggested this place and we thought we should get there while the weather was still good. They serve breakfast all day and that is appealing to us both.

This day the lunch specials caught our eye. Fried chicken or beef and noodles. Both $8.99 and both came with 2 sides and bread choice.

This is the sort of joint I like to find. A restaurant that does more cooking than assembling. I decided on the beef and noodles with mashes and gravy, beans and a biscuit as well. I know it is carb heavy but they are so good.

The mashed potatoes were very good and the amont of gravy was just right. Some joints drown the taters with gravy. So much you aren’t sure what you are eating . As for the green beans they were soft and had real bacon in them. As you would expect in Middle America.

Like last week my lunch is far from being photogenic. No matter it was good and filling. The beef was shredded and the gravy had a good flavor. The noodles had a good tooth to them and were reminiscent of home made but I don’t think these were. Still they made for an excellent lunch.

So if you ever get down here check out Ann’s. Or if you are bored of places around you and want a drive you know where to come

Big Daddy’s Bar & Grill 2536 S. Meridian St.

When Pat called Wednesday he told me he had a taste for beef; pot roast, cow. After little research I thought Big Daddy’s fit the criteria. We have been here some time ago in the pre blog days. They have an extensive menu offering pot roast nachos, a pot roast sandwich and even a pot roast quesadilla as well as the usual bar fare.

I was tempted with their pot roast Manhattan special for $8.95. For you non Hoosiers a Manhattan is an open-faced sandwich served with mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy. Very tasty but too much food for me in the Summer.At least for lunch. I followed Pat’s lead and ordered a burger. A plain burger for $7.99. I added cheddar for $.79 and bacon for $.99


I had the same problem as Pat with my burger. It was a bit overcooked as well. However that wasn’t as big a deal as was the blandness of the meat. I think they may want to add a house seasoning to their list of kitchen essentials. On the plus side was the house chips. Pat declined his because of the carbs which just forced him to eat mine. Here they get the potatoes waffle cut from a local vendor and fry them in-house. They were great. The best chip I have had. Hands down.

As I commented in the beginning they have an extensive menu so a bland burger won’t keep me away. As for pricing Pat’s burger was about 12 bucks and mine was less than $10. That may seem high for the South side but as Pat noted their closest competitors are no more. That may have been an incentive to goose the prices a bit. I don’t know. Another way to look at it is that you may get Downtown pricing but you also get free parking. As for the service it was stellar. They were having a busy service yet our service took it in stride and kept everything flowing nicely. Another plus are the beer specials. Wednesday they had 24 ounce draft light beers for $3.75. Now that is not at all Downtown pricing. So I can see my self back again. I just won’t order a burger.

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Mann’s Grill 1214 S. Tibbs Ave.

After our trip to Working Man’s I was inclined to hit a BBQ place or a newly opened brewery. Pat was leaning more towards a meat and pick two kind of place. Since he was just back from Chicago, where he and his wife had biked 200 miles in two days,for charity,I thought it best to forgo debate and head to Mann’s Grill.

What can I say about Mann’s Grill? It is an older place located in an industrial area on the west side and is notorious for its low prices and big portions. It also serves breakfast all day. They have done some remodeling since the last time we were here. Turning a counter that separates the kitchen from the dining area into a wall with a pass through and adding faux brick to the dining room walls.

As far as food goes it is your usual diner fare. All of their dinners are $7.50 and the sandwiches are in the $4 to $5 range. You can also get a breakfast of 2 eggs, meat and potato choice and your choice of pancakes,french toast or biscuits and gravy for about 6 bucks. That is the kind of joint it is.

mann's grill 038

mann's grill 001

I decided on beef tips and gravy. For my sides I opted for corn and mashed potatoes.

mann's grill 041

mann's grill 040

mann's grill 037

I had to take 3 different shots to capture all the food. The beef was done well. Falling apart tender and smothered with mushrooms and gravy. The beef was tasty, the mushrooms were canned and the gravy was from a mix; never the less it was pretty good. The potatoes were nicely seasoned and tasted like real spuds. The corn was also canned but they did season it well. So you know what to expect here. Nothing exotic or fancy. Just a nice meal at a good price. Our lunch tab was $15. Remember ambiance costs.




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Mikie’s Pub 5135 S. Emerson.

mikie's pub 015

This place has an interesting back ground. We stopped in there for a beer a few weeks back, and really enjoyed it. The place is huge. A big bar with big beers, a big menu and a big space for live music and a periodic DJ. The kind of joint young folks living in the area would enjoy as a weekend hangout.

When we went there for lunch we learned that it was previously called Rehab. Then a different entity, from a different location bought control and that birthed Mikie’s. So in a way it’s kind of Transformer type  of bar. The menu IS huge. They do a nice job of marrying IQF apps. and house made appetizers. Immediates and cooked to order. They even offer pizza. I appreciate the work it takes to put so many items on a menu and in the inventory. It takes a lot of work. It could give the person responsible for end of month inventory and food costs a big old migraine. Well back to the topic at hand. Lunch.

They offer different lunch and drink specials everyday. Thursday’s specials were a breaded or grilled tenderloin with chips for $5.75, or a 10 oz. rib eye with 2 sides and Texas toast for $9.99.

mikie's pub 018

This is what Pat had. I had a taste of it and it was very tasty. Nice and tender. However it was pretty greasy and it could have been breaded better.

mikie's pub 007

mikie's pub 020

Yep I opted for the steak. Snow, German beer and steak. The trinity of gluttony. I chose atypical sides. Mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. They evidently fired the side dishes in a microwave; aggressively. That might explain the sloppy sides of the cup. As for taste the potatoes and gravy appear to have come from a bag. Not bad, but not slap yourself good. The green beans were typical fare. From a can, cooked long with bacon. That is to say tasty Hoosier fare. The steak was very good. A decent cut cooked perfectly. I enjoyed it immensely.

unctuous bloody goodness.

unctuous bloody goodness.

So the consensus is, this is a pretty nice little place and worth a visit. Good food and good prices. The End.

mikie's pub 016

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