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Bento House Asian Bistro 1940 Broad Ripple Avenue

Pat wasn’t able to have lunch with me this week so I figured I would have to eat alone. Fortunately I was able to make a lunch date with a friend I am not able to see very often. We decided on this new Bento place in Broad Ripple. The menu is odd to me. They have a set Bento lunch that you can get prepared in different styles. Also they offer a choice of edamame or tempura shrimp as a side dish. I ordered a beef Bento in a Mongolian style with shrimp tempura.

The beef dish was excellent. The beef was very tender and the veggie portions had a very nice snap to them. The sauce had slight sweetness that fit well with the rice. On the down side the tempura wasn’t great, the batter coat was too thick and the egg rolls were merely average. The beef more than made up for it. On the UP side I had my first bubble tea. My pal Joey turned me on to that. Bubble tea is a flavored tea mixed with milk and it has tapioca pearls added. I had coconut. It was delicious especially the little black tapioca pearls.

Joey opted for shrimp and I honestly don’t recall what style she chose. I do know she got the edamame. She likes edamame. She also ordered a Taro bubble tea. She liked her food but wasn’t impressed with the egg rolls either. The entrees are in the $9-$10 range and the bubble tea is $3.95. I never thought I would say this about a non-alcoholic drink but I think it is worth it, and I think this little joint is worth a visit.

Oh no not Duos again.

I know this is the third posting for Duos. But hey, it’s in my neighborhood. Also Duos is planning on a sandwich station. One that features in-house cooked roast beef and turkey. Now that is extremely rare in this area. According to their website their sandwich station was scheduled to kick off this week. However they had some employee problems. So it didn’t happen. Pat managed to get a smoked turkey sandwich featuring turkey from Smoking Goose. It looked good. A nice portion of Turkey topped with white cheddar, with lettuce and tomato on a nice-looking hunk of French bread. It also came with a side of smoked paprika mayo. Pat didn’t even taste it. For that matter neither did I; was busy with my own eyes bigger than my stomach lunch. Pat also had a side of cole slaw, a little sweeter than most and containing no onion. Bonus.



Duo_3-001I got a Mongolian shredded beef over basmati rice. At least I think they called it Mongolian. Hell it’s been 3 weeks since we went there. I remember how it tastes. And isn’t that the most important part. It was moist and tender with slight spice and a savory background of cumin and turmeric. Very tasty. The only critique I can make is the beef could have used a little more residual liquid to match up with the portion of rice. I also got a side of veggies. This day it was a bowl of brussels sprouts and carrot. Perfectly cooked;tender yet with just the right amount of bite. This is one of the reasons I like this place. No matter the food item, you can depend on it being spot on in its preparation. Naturally a body needs a sweet to balance out any proper lunch. So in addition to my obligatory lemon bar I got a huge browned butter chocolate chip cookie. Since I couldn’t eat all my lunch Pat and I shared the cookie and it was delicious. Nothing more to say. I took my leftovers home for my better half. She wasn’t too hip on the beef but she sure became a fan of their lemon bars. Now when I go I need to remember the carry out.