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The Journey 7155 E. 96th Street

I have read reviews of this joint on the old Urbanspoon and the “new” Zomato. The ones from last year,and earlier: no bueno. The more current ones were much more complimentary. As a matter of fact I had planned on taking my Granddaughter there for lunch prior to viewing the Force Awakens,in IMAX 3D. Time constraints prevented it,we ended up going to some chain place.

Anyway,Pat and I had lunch here today. The building is huge and the exterior does make a dynamic statement. I always find taking pictures of buffets to be challenging. Especially this one as it covers a great deal of territory. Nevertheless. I tried.

Journey 003

Journey 004

This is part of the salad bar; featuring both fruits and vegetables.

Journey 008

Journey 009

These shots are from the Asian station; featuring Teriyaki clams, spicy fried octopus and a nice bone in baked fish, as well as more stuff than I had a chance to name or sample.

They offer a stir-fry action station. That is where you pick your ingredients and they are cooked to order. They also offer a more Mid Western comfort station where your are served ribs and smoked sausages and help your self to the sides.

Journey 018

Journey 017

Journey 019

They also offered a cook to order Udon noddle station;and pizza. Their sushi was what you would expect. An array of nicely prepared rolls relying more on veggies than fish.

Journey 011

Journey 012

Journey 013

Journey 022

Journey 010

I had a marvelous time. The foods I ate were more than satisfactory. I had at least $15 worth of satisfaction for $8.50; less the senior discount. That comes down to $7.85. Hell a salad bar is worth  that. Am I satisfied? Yes. Would I go back again? Yes. The only thing negative I can say is that someone burned a batch of the Chocolate chip cookies. You couldn’t tell until you saw the bottoms. Of course the cook knew. Shame.

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Well look at us. Two weeks in a row we’ve gone to a couple of the “fancier” joints in town. Bluebeard isn’t really fancy they just have a fancy sounding menu. Trust me Pat and I wouldn’t go to a truly fancy schmancy place; even at lunch. We are like a pair of brown shoes in a tuxedo world. To me Bluebeard is a visual delight. Exposed beams and brick work; mis matched bar stools and dining tables. Not enough to be tedious just enough to be hip. Not in the angst driven Sinking Ship way more in an urbane way. But what the hell do I know? I’m just one brown Florsheim.

The menu is geared for foodies. An eclectic array meant to share. Of course not all the plates are sufficient size to share. And you have to be careful. You can run up a sizable lunch tab without too much trouble. They vary the menu daily which can be a bummer. When we found out they make their own lardo we ordered a small bread appetizer. Lardo is like the name implies. Pig fat that has been cured. It takes 30 to 60 days to process properly. That day lardo was something they varied; substituting mortadella spread. It was nice, but no whipped pork fat. But the spreads all took a back seat to the BREAD. They make their own bread on premise and all of their varieties rock. Pat didn’t want to play what’s that food. I don’t blame him. It’s tough enough to find food with no onion of any kind. So he opted for a sandwich.

bluebeard 002



Much to my surprise they get their oysters and octopus in fresh. Since I haven’t had octopus since the last time I was in Florida that is what I started with. The presentation was rather disappointing. The had toast points on top, obscuring the view. The octopus was tender and very nicely done. The bagna cauda was spot on. Full of olive flavor; since they opted for olive rather than anchovy, I thought it fit the octopus nicely. I did find the fennel flavor lacking. Which is odd. Usually when you low roast veggies in oil the flavor is enhanced.

After the octopus I tried a couple of oysters. Admittedly I am hardly an expert on oyster varieties but this particular sort was on the small side. Small but delicious. And the mignonette was a perfect match. The salty,sweet of the oyster and the slight shudder of the vinegar. But in my gluttonous eagerness I forgot to take a picture of the oysters.


But I wasn’t through yet. Remember my cautionary remark about being careful. I decided I needed a salad. And I figured that if I picked the right one I could forego desert. So I picked the one with mixed greens and asian pear and avocado. Damn if I don’t  think that it could be the perfect salad. From the sweetness of the pear to the buttery creaminess of the avocado and with the bitterness of the greens, crunch of the sunflower kernels and the brightness of the citrus in between this was definitely my favorite.


Are we through yet? Oh No. Our über pleasant and efficient bartender, Cali, thought we should try their signature buttermilk bread pudding. So she brought us one to share. Just look at it and think of white chocolate sauce, and coco nibs. So on that note we say good-bye.

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