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Well, we went to the Tilted Kilt for lunch. We knew it was a corporate Place, but Patrick wanted to try it out for quite some time.I know what you’re thinking, he wanted to check out the outfits the ladies wore, but that is only part of the reason. His wife, Fran, had tried the fish and chips while out-of-town and was quite complimentary about them, so Pat wanted to confirm they were as good as she said. And guess what, Paddy liked them.He thought the batter was delicious, and he especially liked the fact that the fish were big chunks, crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. The fries were fries. Nothing spectacular, but he did enjoy the coleslaw which is rare. It had no onions and was sweeter than most slaws;that might explain it.He thought the pricing was reasonable at $8.

I tried their “Irish stew“. You can get it as a bowl for about five dollars or a bigger portion for about$ 10 with garlic bread. They also offer a shepherd’s pie and I think it would be a good guess that they use the same stew for that as well.I know I would.In either event both portions came with delicious smashed tater on top. Actually, I was quite pleased with the stew. They make it, as well as the soups, in house.Since I still have a wee bit of a “dental challenge” I opted for the small version, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the meat and veggies were all small diced. That,and the savory gravy just added to my overall enjoyment of the dish.I definitely will try it again, but I would probably go for the larger portion with bread.

As for liquid refreshment. They had the usual suspects of craft brews on draft in the $5 range and three dollar domestic bottle.They also have the obligatory über cheap PBR drafts. It’s nice to see one of the beers of the greatest generation is still being enjoyed by their kids and grandkids.

Now,about those uniforms.Neither Pat or I were too impressed by them.We thought the skirts were too Britney Spear-ish and the tops were way too tight. We couldn’t see how those ladies could be comfortable. We did discover, however, that the guys that work nights wear kilts as well. So ladies, that might be something you would want to check out.As for me if I want to see a dude in a kilt I’ll watch old British WWII movies on TCM.Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery on Urbanspoon

The Tin Roof

I know;I know the Tin Roof is a corporate joint but I had to conduct some business at the City County building and when I finished I needed sustenance quickly.And since it took such a long time for it to open I was flat-out curious.So I called Patrick and told him to meet me there.It’s located in the Century building;at the corner of Penn and Maryland St.This whole area is becoming quite the destination for food and drink.Tin Roof anchoring the south corner;Coaches at the north corner and O’Reilly’s in the middle.Around the corner on Pearl in the same building is Pearl Street Pizza.Factor in Scotty’s Brewery and Mo’s across the street and Morton’s one block north;so if you come to this part of town and you go home hungry or thirsty it’s your own damn fault.Well enough of the tourism talk let’s get back to the subject at hand, The Tin Roof.

The joint is deceptively airy,since they tore out part of two walls facing Penn and Maryland and added huge glass sliding doors;similar to Brother’s in Broad Ripple.Also since they can access 2 side walks they can have two patio seating areas. The walls are covered with old signs ,which is pretty cool;but the cool factor faded when I ordered a Flat 12 draft and it came in a plastic cup.I thought I was at a college kegger.I figured when Pat came he would have a beer and we would leave;go someplace more “civilized”.However the more I watched Amanda;our bartender/server work the more impressed I became.She was the perfect adherent to the old restaurant adage:”You have time to lean,you have .time to clean”.She was energetic and efficient;I figured any joint that has the good sense to hire some one like her;can’t be all bad;regardless of what they serve their beer in.

As for the menu I found it odd they didn’t offer a hamburger of any kind.They had the typical apps,wings etc.,the obligatory entrée salads and a rather large array of quesadillas,Panini style sandwiches and something they call pizzadillas;built like a quesadilla but stuffed with pizza ingredients.The various combinations offered for the ‘dillas and the sandwiches was varied and all sounded really good.Pat got a Shroom quesadill .A plain 12 inch tortilla with jack cheese mushrooms,chicken and avocado;served with rather run of the mill tortilla chips and a side of home-made salsa that was more sweet than spicy.His over all opinion was that it was tasty just not spectacular.He thought it could use more stuff inside.The same could be said for my sandwich.It consisted of turkey,bacon, avocado and provolone cheese.It was well crafted and the bread was excellent;it just seem to lack pizzazz.The side of Basalmic vinaigrette helped some what, but it still needed something.It did come with a side of crinkle cut fries,and both meals only cost $8 each.As for malt beverages they sell a flat 12 draft for $5;but the special that day was Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys for 2 bucks.So all in all I think this may be a joint to check out;even though it is a chain all the people who work there are really special.Tin Roof on Urbanspoon